The Top Coworking Events in 2018

The first top coworking conference of 2018 takes place in Asia. This time CU ASIA invites to Penang.

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The Major Coworking Events 2018
Have you already planned your vacations for this year? Combine some of them with exciting coworking events, extend your trip and turn them into a coworkation! From vibrant New York City, the breezy Hanseatic cities Bremen or Gdansk, to the tropical climate in Georgetown, Malaysia... the coworking gatherings are as diverse as the cities where they take place. However, there are two things all those events have in common. They are designed to help people succeed in the coworking business and offer an entertaining way to connect with coworking space experts. Here is a brief summary of the events scheduled so far this year.

This article is continously updated, starting with the next event that will take place. Past events can be found at the end of this article. 

Cowork 2018
Germany's official coworking meet-up
When? March 9-11, 2018
Where? Bremen, Germany
Where exactly? KWADRAT Werkstatt Bremen, Wilhelm-Kaisen-Brücke 4
How much? €80 (early bird),€120 (full price)
Language? German, partly in English
Established: in 2014 

Coworking Now #2
Poland's conference on coworking
 March 22-23, 2018
Where? Gdańsk, Poland
Where exactly? O4 Coworking (Olivia Business Centre), Al. Grunwaldzka 472B
How much? Zł349 (early bird), Zł499 (full price)
Language? Polish, partly in English
Established: in 2017

America's #1 coworking conference

Claim: "A worldwide explosion of coworking awesomeness"
When? April 22-24, 2018
Where? New York City, USA
Where exactly? Convene at 117 West 46th Street
How much? US$600 (CampGCUC & GCUC), US$200 (CampGCUC), US$550 (GCUC)
Language? English
Established: in 2012

Pennsylvania Coworking Conference
When? April 26-27, 2018
Where? Lancaster, USA
Where exactly? The Candy Factory
How much? US$155
Language? English
Established: in 2018

Coworking Spain Conference
La cita más importante del coworking in España
When? May 17-18, 2018 
Where? Madrid
, Spain
Where exactly? 
ImpactHub Madrid, C/Piamonte 23
How much? €180
 (early bird) - €200 (full price)
Language? Spanish
Established: in 2011

Coworking Europe 2018
The original of its kind and one of the largest gatherings of the global coworking movement

When? November 14-16, 2018
Where? Amsterdam
Where exactly? B. Amsterdam, Jonhan Huizingalaan, 763A
How much? €260 (super early bird) - €585 (last minute)
Language? English
Established: in 2010

More coworking events are coming up, but details are not announced yet.

National Coworking UnConference Switzerland
When? Summer 2018
Where? t.b.a.
Where exactly? t.b.a.
How much? t.b.a.
Language? Swiss-German, English
Established: in 2015

People At Work Summit
When? Summer 2018
Where? Online - worldwide
How much? t.b.a.
Language? English
Hashtag: #peopleatworksummit
Established: in 2016

GCUC Australia
When? August 2018
Where? Sydney, Australia
Where exactly? t.b.a.
How much? t.b.a.
Language? English
Hashtag? #GCUCAU
Established: in 2015

CowoShare #6
The Italian Coworking Conference
When? Fall 2018 
Where? Usually in Milan
Where exactly? t.b.a.
How much? t.b.a.
Language? Italian

GCUC Canada 
When? Fall 2018
Where? t.b.a., Canada
Where exactly? t.b.a.
How much? t.b.a.
Language? English
Established: in 2015

GWA Coworking Conference 2018
The longest running conference on flexible workspaces
When? Fall 2018
Where? t.b.a.
Where exactly? t.b.a.
How much? t.b.a.
Language? English
Established: by the Global Workspace Association (GWA), hosting this event for the 32nd time.

GCUC China
When? Winter 2018
Where? Presumably Beijing
Where exactly? t.b.a.
How much? t.b.a.
Language? Chinese
Established: in 2015

Other conferences that are related to but not focused on coworking spaces:

Worktech - focus: technology at work spaces -  several cities around the world

IFMA - focus: facility management - Charlotte, USA - Oct 3-5, 2018 


Past events: 

CU ASIA 2018
Asia's largest conference on coworking 
Claim: "Colorful Connections"
When? February 7-11, 2018
Where? Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
Where exactly? @CAT (Spotlight Malaysia), Wawasan Open University (Coworking Academy), Majestic Theatre (CU ASIA)
How much? US$600 (all events) or US$20 (Spotlight Malaysia), US$450 (Coworking Academy), US$300 (CUASIA)
Language? English
Established: in 2015

Is your national or global coworking event not listed? Send us a note.

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