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A Beginner's Guide to SEO for Coworking Spaces

The coworking movement was built on a foundation of human connection. Pioneering serendipitous networking and community building, many coworking space managers have successfully brought together independent thinkers, freelancers and anyone else interested in pursuing a new way of working together. While no coworking space manager wants to turn their attention away from their members, it’s vital that coworking spaces learn to navigate the online world if they are going to thrive. Luckily they can harness the power of search engine optimization, most often referred to as SEO, in order to grow their communities.

  • How to Open a Second Coworking Space

    Local, multi-city or global, every growing coworking space hits the stage of opening its second location. There will be challenges, successes and even some surprises along the way, but nothing is more valuable than the lessons learnt by those who have done it before. For this reason, we’ve handpicked and interviewed three coworking spaces with entirely different experiences of opening their second location.

  • Investing in Team Development Pays Off And It Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

    While many organizations in the professional world recognize the importance of team and skill development, coworking teams often fail to invest in team development. Coworking spaces can massively improve their organization in several important ways by adopting a practice of team development and training. Crucially, it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money.

  • 10 Essential Resources For Starting a Coworking Space

    Every coworking space is different, just like the communities they represent and the catalysts who start them. Even though every situation is unique, you don’t need to start from scratch. If you dream of starting a coworking space, you can save time and money (and avoid common mistakes) by learning from those who have already done it. Here's a list of ten resources you shouldn't miss.

  • How to Start a Coworking Space

    If you’re interested in starting a coworking space, the task ahead of you can be intimidating: from raising the capital to determining the business model to figuring out how to stand out amidst growing competition, there’s no shortage of challenges. This guide will give you some critical things to keep in mind s you size up your project.

  • Coffee Makers at Coworking Spaces That Win Freelancers

    “Can we meet for coffee?” This is the common language when hooking up with your friends, isn’t it? At your space, coffee would be an excellent way for freelancers to interact and network. They might even borrow a few ideas from each other over a cup of coffee while working. And for the freezing nights when some freelancers have deadlines to meet, we all know how much coffee can come in handy, right?

  • Starting a New Freelance Life in a Coworking Space

    Starting a new life as a freelancer is many things including: exciting, liberating and challenging. It looks straightforward, but of course it’s not. If you’re making the transition to freelance life, figuring out exactly how the “other side” works can be difficult. Here are a few tips to help you get off the ground a little faster.

  • Facilitating coworking collaboration through Hackathons

    Hackathons. What comes to mind is the image of a bunch of sleep deprived programmers huddled over their laptops frantically working for 48 hours to come up with the next big innovation. More often than not, this is an accurate picture. But after a recent Hackathon we attended in Austria, What The Hack?, which brought together participants from 6 different countries and 6 different coworking networks, we saw an incredible potential for utilizing hackathons, or similar events, as a way to enable cross-border collaboration

  • How to Run a Coworking Space According to Twelve Veterans

    Over the past couple years, the team of ShareYourOffice interviewed operators of coworking spaces in all corners of the US. Between the dozen founders, directors, and managers they spoke to, there were a few recurring trends and a few points of disagreement. For an aspiring coworking space founder, there's no replacement for expert advice. Here's what coworking veterans have to say about the industry.

  • The Most Popular Online Tools to Manage a Coworking Space

    Most coworking spaces are operated as second businesses of small business owners and entrepreneurs who sought shared workspace of their own. Due to the varying different types of spaces out there, all designed and operated in different ways, it appears no two spaces utilize the same exact software tools - except a few. The 20 most popular ones we've summarised into a word cloud. In addition to the data visualization, we’ve sorted the top hundred or so into a list.

  • How To Avoid Disaster When Starting A Coworking Space

    Starting your own business can be extremely rewarding, but also very challenging. There is no exception to this rule for founders of coworking spaces. It's easy to celebrate success but much harder to talk about failures. The founder of a failed coworking space has summarized her lessons. Here are eleven tips to avoid some frustration when building a coworking space.

  • Eight reasons why it's worth joining a coworking space

    Coworking is a growing trend. Each year, more and more freelancers decide to share a space with like-minded professionals as a way to avoid work-from-home distractions. However, some freelancers are still skeptics. Renting a desk at a coworking space could mean losing your freedom to work in pajamas, and could add an extra cost to your budgets. But there are eight reasons at least why it's worth to join a coworking space.

  • 5 Tools For Freelancers To Delegate Work Easily

    If you’re in the happy predicament of having too much work and not enough time in which to complete it, you’ve reached the big moment. To delegate or not to delegate? Subcontracting work out to another person’s heart and brain can be scary the first couple of times. As entrepreneurs, we’re ultimately responsible for the deliverable. We coax it with tender loving care into existence, and deliver it like a precious baby to its new parent, the client.

  • Efficient Agile Tools for Freelancers: The Magic and Importance of Process

    Software developers have been using Agile methodology for many years now, to help increase productivity, efficiency and quality. The methods themselves have huge benefits for small teams. They help to control costs, solve specific problems in rapid succession, allow for adaptability and place focus on the end user. But what are agile methods really? And what can freelancers, who often work alone, learn from this now popular approach to design and development?

  • Entrepreneurs who started companies at coworking spaces & are now going big

    Ezeep, Coffee Circle and Orderbird are three young companies that began their businesses in Berlin’s Betahaus, a prominent European coworking space. Since, all three companies have expanded into their own offices and now employ between 25-50 people. Here, they talk not only about the value of coworking, but also their learned experiences about how to create a product or service, move it to the market, and make a mark on the world.

  • Freelancing for a better future: a chat with Elance's Oscar Pereyra

    Oscar A. Pereyra runs the freelance mobilizer program at Elance in Mexico City. He offers advice on cashflow, saving and maintaining good relations for freelancers. His tip? Develop a niche of expertise. Pereyra also advises that self-promotion is not about wasting your life away on social media, but about developing an expertise and mastering a specific section. Patience is another must have as well as gaining support from a local community. You can never have enough help, be it mentors, advisors and other strong examples to help light the way. From there, he says, clients will follow.

  • Coworking Your Way to a Major Freelance Subcontracting Network

    Coworking spaces aren’t just an affordable way to utilize office space, change-up your location, or run client meetings, coworking spaces are a fantastic way to develop a really strong network of freelancers you can work with for years to come. You can build a strong network of contacts, you have every chance that you’re going to either be included in someone else’s project tender, or will be able to bid on a tender yourself given your available resources.

  • Living Life in the Freelance Lane: Tips & Tricks for ‘lancers

    Coworking is where freelancing begins, but it isn’t where it ends. You need to know your rights, stay on top of your financial education and keep moving forward with the inspiration to succeed (without falling in to the side ditch of being professionally unemployed). Some say freelancers have the freedom to work any 13 hours of the day they like, but the smarter ones know they could set themselves free to the Four Hour Workweek.

  • Coworking Programs Like the Visa, but Not Quite

    The Coworking Visa is prized for its flexibility, allowing coworkers to move between coworking spaces around the world with ease. Based on geniality and mutual understanding between spaces, the visa seems like a wonderful way to maximize the mobility that many coworkers treasure. However, can this flexibility and mobility be stretched too far and suddenly a blessing becomes a curse?

  • Quick Guide To Coworking Space Management Software

    Running a coworking space is a business, with overhead to track, revenue to collect, and lots of data to gather, analyze and synthesize. Both personalities of a space affect the other, limiting or revealing possibilities in different ways. For a while some coworking spaces can make it all happen with a lot of sticky notes or a spreadsheet, but at some point those systems fail and it’s time to look for something better. You might find it surprising, but there are software systems out their built specifically for the coworking movement.

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