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The Big Merge: Coworking & Corporate Real Estate

The coworking industry has long feared the day when traditional CRE firms would strip down and replicate the coworking model for its own purposes. At the Coworking Summit at Techfestival 2017 we agreed that day has finally come, but perhaps it’s not the doomsday experience we imagined. Whereas the coworking market could be roughly valued at $5-10 billion, the CRE market boasts a value of $12.6 trillion. As traditional CRE players continue to enter the coworking market, they adopt the methodologies that work for them, and leave the rest on the table. The good news is that CRE players bring unprecedented resources to bear, which the coworking industry is in desperate lack of. In return, coworking methodologies will forever transform the way we manage, market, and consume workspace.

  • Will Coworking Hotdesks Be Replaced by a New Concept?

    Today, over one million people flock to coworking spaces they once chose as their own. However, a fraction of people forming part of the coworking movement have now rejected the singular space lifestyle in favour of a more flexible model. Indeed, a new wave of coworking has emerged. It’s built upon the hospitality industry and it’s brewing in New York.

  • The Most Popular Online Tools to Manage a Coworking Space

    Most coworking spaces are operated as second businesses of small business owners and entrepreneurs who sought shared workspace of their own. Due to the varying different types of spaces out there, all designed and operated in different ways, it appears no two spaces utilize the same exact software tools - except a few. The 20 most popular ones we've summarised into a word cloud. In addition to the data visualization, we’ve sorted the top hundred or so into a list.

  • A Number One Hit: Coworking for Musicians

    The music industry has changed dramatically over the last 15 years. With the ability to download your favorite albums in virtually minutes (for free) online, musicians have had to find alternative ways to make a living. Professionals in the music industry often turn to crowd-sourcing as a means of funding their work, but remain unsuccessful, as profitable campaigns are often dependent on a strong supportive community. But how do you build a community outside of the various social-media platforms that you depend on for promotion? Well, that's where coworking comes in...

  • Do Coworking Spaces Need A Coworking Lobby?

    Coworking, in its essence, is independent and encourages networking. But how connected are coworking spaces to each other? How do they actually relate to an association that focuses on combining forces? Just last week, an initiative of a potential European coworking association spoke to the EU Commission. We asked in the fourth Global Coworking Survey what concrete results coworking spaces expect from these associations and at what level they support such operations.

  • Coworking in Vietnam: An interview with the founder of HUB.IT

    From Berlin, to New York City, to Thailand, Deskmag has covered the ins and out of the coworking movement, exploring new locations and cultures that have inspired the coworking movement all over the world. Recently, we spoke with Bobby Liu, founder of the HUB. IT, which recently celebrated its opening in Hanoi, Vietnam. Liu spoke with us about opening the space and also the need for coworking in Vietnam.

  • The future of coworking

    Each and everyday, more and more people are discovering coworking. The movement is not only a great alternative for independent workers, but it has been proven time and time again to be a sustainable and clearly identified solution for entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to build a network and collaborate with like-minded people. However, while existing coworking spaces are still aiming to validate their business model, the more established spaces are now looking towards the next innovative steps they will take.

  • The hidden treasures of coworking

    In recent years, coworking has drawn curiosity from the academic world. As a result, a huge amount of papers and studies have been produced, which begs the question: where do all these studies go? Well, we believe that a lot of them are lost somewhere on the internet or tucked away on the shelves of university libraries, probably collecting dust. In lieu of our recently launched crowdfunding campaign, we have turned our focus to the academic study of coworking, and have made it one of our goals to create our own open source coworking library. To show its potential, Deskmag has highlighted some works studying coworking from an academic point of view.

  • The History Of Coworking In A Timeline

    A flood of new coworkers will join coworking spaces around the world in the coming weeks. This begs the question: what has caused this spike in the coworking movement and how will it develop? We fished for facts in the depths of the internet, pieced together the puzzle into a timeline, and the result is a brief history of coworking. And as the history becomes longer, just tell us what you would like to add.

  • Coworking Spaces Explore The Use Of Alternative Currencies

    Coworking spaces could be the perfect place to experiment with alternative currencies. When it comes to time banking, local currencies, as well as numerous other options, there are a few simple questions that still need to be answered. First, what type of economy do coworking spaces want to be part of? And if these innovative currencies catch on, could they be used on a global scale?

  • Coworking spaces: How to succeed thanks to crowdfunding

    Who ever dreamed of funding their project through crowdfunding? Many projects have the potential, but coworking spaces have a major asset, and that is their ability to mobilize communities that are ready to get their hands digitally dirty. Whatever your concern, Deskmag offers some tips and solid advice taken from coworking spaces that achieved their crowdfunding goals.

  • How a coworking space imagines corporate coworking

    Austin is an economic boomtown with newcomers locating there everyday. Many people looking for a coworking space in the city end up at Conjunctured, run by very attentive, forward-thinking people with an eye for design and a heart for mankind. They are launching a pioneering initiative called corporate coworking, bring the coworking model into the heart of the corporate body in order to reshape and revitalize corporate structure so they attract and retain the best minds the U.S. workforce has to offer.

  • Coworcation: The most productive holiday you can take.

    In the wake of endless music festivals, BBQs in the park, beers on the roof and seeing all your friends post on Facebook about their exotic travel destinations, it’s safe to say: summer has officially arrived. But what about those of us who are self-employed, and in our world, the idea of taking a vacation is somewhat abstract. Deskmag has considered the freelancer, and has figured out a way that you can combine productivity and relaxation, through a couple of very special coworking projects….

  • Coworking Spaces in long-term relationships

    “Coworking? I love coworking…I am actually thinking of opening my own space.” If you are involved in the coworking community, even just a bit, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard someone say this at one point in time. It’s no surprise that the coworking bug has bitten, not just individual freelancers, but companies and corporations as well. Deskmag spoke to the founders of two spaces that have been open for over five years, and know the meaning of a long-term coworking relationship.

  • Experimental Coworking with Temporary Exchange Programs

    With the freewheeling and flexible Coworking Visa and structured programs like LEXC and CoPass, the coworking world seems blessed with plentiful choices when it comes to work mobility and flexibility. However, if you just want to be able to check out new spaces and test the waters first, temporary exchange programs may be the way to go.

  • Should the public sector fund coworking spaces?

    The public sector is now ready to contribute to financing coworking spaces, and will do so by tapping into calls for projects and creating partnerships. However, from the perspective of coworking spaces, there is a challenge when figuring out how to remain independent and avoid being forced to live on a constant income of public subsidies.

  • The Borderless World of the Coworking Visa

    For some people coworking is all about mobility and flexibility, and these people have stretched this concept to unlimited possibilities, where variety has plenty of space to roam and explore, all in the name of the “coworking visa”. A simple seed of ingenuity in 2008 has now blossomed into a huge tree, with branches stretching far and wide into all corners of the globe. Deskmag got a closer look at how far coworkers and coworking spaces have taken this flexibility.

  • Coworking challenge: 16 ideas for the future of coworking spaces

    The quest for the perfect coworking space composition is no small matter... that is why design and new concept competitions are so great. After 50 days, the “coworking challenge” brought to you by Betahaus, DreiSechsNull and Jovoto, has finally released the winners of the contest, along with a multitude of inspiring ideas. Thus, what will the coworking environment of the future look like?

  • Found in Paradise: Coworking on Islands

    More often than not, cities on islands see many people come for the holidays and then return their jobs in the big city. Yet what about those who call paradise home? What does their work life look like? How do they go beyond the tourist industry and create a rich professional environment, and not simply get lost in paradise, but thrive in paradise?

  • A Brief History Of The Office

    The office: was it better before? Not so sure. Our ancestors would be shocked to see the way we work today: "comfortably" and in coworking spaces. But what did the office look like before the arrival of design, ergonomics, open space … and even the rolling office chair? We took a trip back to the past, to understand how coworking today revolutionizes our understanding of the workspace.

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