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Tips for during the talk

1) Shortly introduce yourself, where you come from, and what you will present. The first seconds of your presentation are crucial. In fact, People only need few seconds to decide if they will fully pay attention to you or not.

2) Speak up and don´t forget to breath because the tone of your voice is a good indicator of your confidence.

3) If you find that during one slide you have finished your speech earlier than expected, do not make a pause, simply go into the next one and try to get back on track.

4) Try to stay consistent and give the same intensity to all of your slides

Body language

As in every presentation, body language is just as important as what you are saying. Smile, talk and consistently look at the audience, because people are not here to watch a screen, they are looking at you.  

Finish your talk 

The conclusion of your presentation is the last impression you are giving to your audience. You could thank them, which is simple and professional, but you could also try something more original.
For example, Steve Jobs often finish his incredible speeches by saying: "and one last thing", before introducing something exclusive to his audience.

Finally, once you are finished, do not just walk away. Rather look at the audience in order to get a feel of your performance went and to also answer possible questions.

And now?

Practice, practice, practice and watch all Pecha Kucha videos you could find! 

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