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How Profitable Are Coworking Spaces in 2019?

Almost 90% of coworking spaces generate a profit if they meet at least three conditions: they have more than 200 members, are older than one year, and do not subsidize their operation through other businesses. The first condition is the only one that actually requires any special effort. However, these are not the only factors that make a cost-effective operation possible. In addition to these, we are also publishing the annual margins of profitable coworking spaces for the first time.

  • 2019 State of Coworking: Over 2 Million Coworking Space Members Expected

    The market for coworking spaces has undergone remarkable growth in the last couple of years and continues to flourish to this day. Locations in megacities, however, seem to have reached their limits regarding their size. And new questions are being asked: what if economic growth slows and a new financial crisis emerges? The following numbers show the results from the 2019 Global Coworking Survey.

  • New Global Survey: Everything You Wanted to Know About Coworking

    How many people plan to open a coworking space in the future? What kind of people use coworking spaces and what is important to them? Knowing the answers to such questions helps us better understand the coworking movement and ensure sustainable growth. We publish the answers every year as part of the Global Coworking Survey in a variety of reports, but we need your help. From today, you can take part in the next edition of the Global Coworking Survey.

  • The World's Library of Coworking Research Is Now Online

    Ever wondered what happens to all those student surveys, research papers and reports, PhD theses and books on the coworking sector? The Coworking Library runs a free and searchable interdisciplinary open online database gathering abstracts and other information about all the coworking research that has ever been published.

  • 1.7 Million Members Will Work in Coworking Spaces by the End of 2018

    In 2018, Coworking Spaces are again expecting great things for their market. The average number of members is growing and operators are planning expansions with almost the same speed as in the previous years. There is currently no dip on the horizon. However, many operators expect a consolidation. Here is the first bundle of results of the latest Global Coworking Survey: The 2018 Coworking Forecast.

  • WeWork harms 40% of all coworking spaces in its close vicinity, however…

    WeWork is probably the globally most well-known brand that is associated with coworking. With the roughly seven billion dollars they have so far collected in venture capital, WeWork has the potential to start a fierce competition with other coworking spaces. That is why in the latest Global Coworking Survey, we asked how coworking spaces view the effects of the activities of WeWork on their own businesses.

  • What Will Coworking Look Like in 2018?

    Could you answer this question in one sentence? A single answer won’t even come close to reflecting the different perspectives of all the members and operators. The Global Coworking Survey solves this problem. What started seven years ago has developed into the biggest and longest-running survey on coworking worldwide. And starting today, you can cast your vote again: the next edition of the Global Coworking Survey is online!

  • How Profitable Are Coworking Spaces Today?

    Can operators become rich with coworking spaces, or are their businesses just burning up money? It depends. The latter is clearly easier than the former. For most, the answer lies in the middle. Coworking spaces don’t operate independently of market principles. On average, every year things go a little better, but overall, things are still not optimal. In this article, you’ll see how things are looking.

  • More Than One Million People Will Work in Coworking Spaces in 2017

    More coworking spaces, more members… These basic forecasts for 2017 are straightforward. The interesting findings of the Global Coworking Survey, compared with previous years, are once more shown in detail. Things are looking somewhat more restrained in the new year from the perspective of freelance and entrepreneur members. Coworking spaces are planning yet more expansion. And half of the members care very little about Donald Trump being in the White House - for the other half, the dominant sentiment is dread.

  • The Global Coworking Survey Is Back - and Now Open

    Today, the biggest worldwide study of coworking is officially underway, reflecting a better understanding of various facets behind the movement in order to support sustainable growth. In its sixth year, the Global Coworking Survey collects responses from current and former coworking space owners, operators, and members from around the world. Their responses, published into free reports, provide comprehensive results on the coworking movement. You can continue to support the movement by taking part in this year’s survey, and by becoming an official supporter.

  • 2016 Coworking Forecast

    This year’s forecast and trends of the coworking market doesn’t differ strongly from past years according to new results of the Global Coworking Survey. While the coworking industry might have had some stormy and less than desirable market conditions in 2015 with increased real estate prices and challenges in growing awareness, those phenomena don’t have a negative impact on the global development in general, at least not more than in the past. This is the year we’ll see over 10,000 coworking spaces open by the end of 2016.

  • First Results Of The New Global Coworking Survey

    During the annual Coworking Europe Conference in Milan, the first round of results taken from the most recent Global Coworking Survey were presented to eager attendees. The number of coworking spaces has grown by 49% worldwide at around 8,700. The survey also showed that current spaces serve, on average, a third more members than they did just two years ago. Yet, surprisingly, the increase in members has not led to a more isolated work environment.

  • The Growth of 'Coworking' on Google & Wikipedia

    Where and how often do people search online for 'Coworking'? Do they write it with or without a hyphen? Has the new style of work affected the popularity of 'home offices'? Google and Wikipedia offer daily data about their search volumes and requests. Deskmag worked its way through this data and extracted some answers about these and other questions.

  • The Top 10 Small Business Trends for 2015

    The ongoing technology platform shifts to Cloud and Mobile Computing will continue as long term drivers of change in 2015. While each is important and powerful on its own – and both have been listed individually multiple times in our top 10 lists from prior years - their growing convergence is amplifying their impact and fundamentally altering how business is done.

  • The Fascination of Coworking - New Study Released

    The fact that most coworking spaces are somewhat "cool" is probably the reason that most people become exposed to them. But - what is it exactly that has created the fascination that many have with coworking? What do coworking spaces have to do to be seen as attractive? How should one respond to the pull that coworking apparently triggers for conventional companies?

  • The Coworking Community Expands with NewWorker Magazine

    Coworking is all about community. Individual coworkers tend not to be focused on the money or the fame (but it doesn’t hurt if that happens, too) but are focused on the improvement of the workforce and the wellbeing of community members. As the movement grows, it is important to keep your eye out for those who are pushing things forward and fellow coworker and founder of NewWorker Magazine, Melissa Mesku, is doing just that.

  • Takeoff & Find Your Way To GCUC 2014

    One of the hardest parts about organizing a conference for a bunch of bright, motivated and savvy Entrepreneurs is that you need to pick some overall themes. Last year we went to the European Coworking Conference to participate and to observe. In an Unconference session we learned that the main suggestion for improving Coworking Conferences was to make it more like Coworking and less like a conference. Duh. Seems so obvious but we had never thought of it.

  • The Coworking Forecast 2014

    What if you could enjoy more leisure time while earning a higher wage? That’s the boon awaiting the one in ten people who start coworking this year. Everyone else will have to work more. But three fourths of coworking respondents reported a significant bonus at year’s end. Though the coworking boom has cooled off slightly since last year with many spaces curbing expansion, the outlook for 2014 is optimistic: sixty-percent of existing coworking offices are slated to acquire new space for their coworking members this year.

  • 4th Global Coworking Survey started

    Deskmag’s Global Coworking Survey is now online. For the fourth year running, we examine the conditions of coworking spaces, its users, operators and potential members. The survey can be taken by coworkers, non-coworkers, and space operators alike. Last year, Deskmag collected data from over 2,000 respondents, making it the world’s largest survey dedicated to coworking.

  • The new Deskmag will come... but only with your support.

    Deskmag has covered the worldwide coworking movement for over three years. During this time, we have published more than 800 articles about the development of coworking spaces. Unfortunately, we have reached our limit and we are now asking for your support to help Deskmag live on. With your we will produce the next Global Coworking Survey and introduce a set of new tools to the Deskmag website, based on numerous requests from our readers. Our incentives will allow us to focus more on our favorite topic: coworking.

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