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What types of workspaces are most in demand right now? And how are coworking spaces responding? We answer these questions in the second article on the new business trends in coworking spaces.  
By Carsten Foertsch - Monday, 15 May 2023

Current figures continue to show high demand for meeting spaces. Overall, two out of three coworking spaces respond accordingly.

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The demand for meeting space is even increasing compared to the last survey. This is caused by a high plus in suburban regions. Nevertheless, they are very frequently in demand in almost all locations. 

Team offices are also becoming more popular. Interest is particularly high in large cities, but has not changed compared to the end of 2021. Their overall increase is driven by a surge in smaller cities and rural areas. Meanwhile, one-person offices are losing ground, although they remain popular in North America.

Like team offices, hot desks are most popular in large cities. Compared to the last survey, demand for them is also increasing in mid-sized cities. Interest in flexible desks for rent remains lower in small towns and in suburban and rural areas. 


Event spaces experienced the largest drop in demand and (legal) supply of all space types during the pandemic. Here, too, there is a further recovery in demand compared to the end of 2021. However, it tends to be moderate and most often takes place in cities.

Important: Demand alone does not directly indicate how commercially successful these types of (work) spaces are. 

Growth expectations back to pre-pandemic levels

For the current year, 85% of coworking spaces expect more members. Almost the same number expect higher revenues. Before the pandemic, the same figures had been reported for several years.

In urban areas, coworking spaces are more optimistic about their future in almost all areas surveyed, although positive anticipations also clearly predominate in rural areas.

Positive expectations reach their highest levels in megacities. Profitability in particular is expected to increase more often here than elsewhere. Likewise, coworking spaces expect more new competitors in their immediate vicinity here than in other areas. However, large cities are more densely populated, so the result comes as no great surprise. The question was newly introduced and only serves its purpose in a long-term comparison. 

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