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Almost 300,000 people have worked in nearly 6000 coworking spaces worldwide by the end of the last year. The coworking movement acquires maturity, expanding with bigger spaces and more locations, an higher diversity of business models, and exploring more niches. This development will be also reflected in more coworking events next year. Asia's first coworking unconference will be held in Bali. The Global Coworking Unconference Conference is going to California. However, it won't take place only once, but three times, by popping up in Australia and Canada as well. And Africa will get its first dedicated conference on coworking, in Cape Town. It's time to mark your fresh calendar with the upcoming major events on coworking in 2015!

The Major Coworking Events in Europe & Africa:

▶︎ Coworking Europe 2015 

November, 11-13 2015 in Milan, organized by Jean-Yves Huwart, Global Enterprise

Main topic: "The latest trends in the coworking world and industry."

Why shouldn't you miss it? "The best in class coworking spaces operators and experts will attend the conferences. This is a unique opportunity to meet, network, share insights and thoughts with the international community of coworking spaces builders. Be part of a fast growing community active in more than 50 different countries which support the breed of independent workers and startups who will drive the economy of the 21st century."

Host city: Applications for the next host city are welcome. Please get in touch with Global Enterprise.

Expected number of attendees: 350+ ## Language: English ## Location & tickets can be found on www.coworkingeurope.net ## FacebookTwitter

▶︎  Cowork2015, Stuttgart, Germany

March 27-29, 2015 - organized by Harald Amelung, Coworking0711

Why should you attend this conference? “It is THE gathering of the German Coworking Community!”

What can you expect? “A lot of networking, sharing ideas and even more cooperation among Coworking Spaces in Germany and beyond.”

What has encouraged you to organize such an event?  “I run a Coworking Space in Stuttgart and I have a strong interest in bringing the Coworking Scene in Germany together and to raise collaboration and networking.”

More infos: Expected number of attendees: 80-100 ## Location: Literaturhaus Stuttgart, Breitscheidstr. 4, 70174 Stuttgart ## Language: German ## Tickets: t.b.a., sales will start in January 2015 ## Website

▶︎ Coworking Schweiz/Suisse, Luzern 

Early - Mid of March 2015, organized by Jenny Schäpper, BüroLokal:

Why should you attend it? “To get an understanding of the national coworking landscape and to help shape the future of coworking in Switzerland”

Main topics: “Communication amongst the spaces, awareness of coworking in Switzerland and the need of a Swiss coworking association.”

A goal: “An official coworking association for Switzerland.”

The motivation behind: “Because no one else took the initiative, and I also like to organize and coordinate such happenings.”

More info: Expected number of attendees: 30-50 ## Language: primarily German, French (& English if necessary) ## Tickets and location: t.b.a. - probably just an informal meeting ## Recommended accommodation: Youth Hostel, Luzern ## Website

▶︎ CoworkingSpain Conference, Valencia 

April 24-25, 2015, organized by Manuel Zea, Coworking Spain

Language: Spanish ## More to be announced ## Website

▶︎ Coworking Belgium Unconference, Brussels 

June 2015, organized by: Ramon Suarez, BetaCowork

Location: Betacowork, 4 rue de Peres Blancs, 1040, Etterbeek, Brussels ## Language: English ## more to be announced ## Website

▶︎ CowoCamp, Milan, Italy 

June 2015, organized by Massimo Carraro, CowoProject

Language: Italian ## WebsiteFacebookTwitter ## more t.b.a.

▶︎ Coworking Africa, Cape Town, South Africa 

July, 23-24 2015, organized by Global Enterprise & CapeTownOffice

Why shouldn’t you miss it? “It will be the first conference on Coworking organized on the African continent. Speakers and panelists will share their thoughts and best practices with an audience made out of coworking space operators from across the continent, startup accelerators, digital infrastructure builders, real estate pundits, development agencies, NGO’s, universities or incubator managers from Africa and beyond.”

More infos: Expected number of attendees: 80-100 ## Location: East City Studio, 62 Roeland Street, Cape Town ## Language: English ## WebsiteTwitter

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