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It's a new year, and perhaps you've decided to start it afresh by leaving your solitary home office and setting up in a buzzing coworking space. Before you make the leap, here are a few tips for helping you transition from a solo to collaborative workspace. Coworking can be a culture shock, but a healing one. How do you select a space, and what are some tools you should be equipped with?
By Chloe-Louise Lloyd - Tuesday, 03 January 2012

This guest post comes from Chloe-Louise Lloyd from the freelance platform twago.

The key is in the details

The first step is to choose what coworking space will work for you. Don't just choose one because it's the closest or the cheapest. Remember that this is a place where you need to work and be productive and to do this the space has to be appropriate to you. Are you looking for a space that caters to people in your industry? One for creatives? Or maybe one that hosts events?

Before doing your research make a list of what you will need on a daily basis. Will you need to make a lot of private calls or hold meetings? If so, you will need to search for a space that offers private meeting rooms or conference rooms within the space.

So the first step in easing the transition from a home space to a coworking space is to make the space that you find most appropriate to you and your needs in the first place.

Invest in a pair of good headphones

If you're used to working on your own then moving to a coworking office could be distracting at first, but on the whole not as distracting as a messy kitchen at home. So when moving to a new coworking space, you might want to invest in a good pair of headphones as you may not be used to the noise of other people working around you and will be particularly handy when you seriously need to get a project finished.

Although remember not to isolate yourself all the time as one of the benefits of coworking is the networking and socialising opportunities it provides.

Get to know your office-mates

If you are just used to working at home alone then it may be daunting at first to be in a space with a lot more people but the sooner you get to know the other members of your office then the sooner you will be able to relax around them and it can often be awkward to introduce yourself at a later stage. Go out for lunch with the other members or go for a coffee, their help may be invaluable when it comes to winning clients and getting feedback for ideas.

Away from home

One of the reasons you became a freelancer was probably because you wanted to spend more time doing the things you love, whether it is with friends, family or another hobby. You may think that now you are not spending as much time at home that these things will come further down in your schedule. But don't lose sight of this reason as it can be a real motivational factor when you move to a new coworking space.

At first there may be some distractions but if you remember the things that you love and want to do outside of work then it will help you get this done so you can go home sooner and enjoy some much deserved rest.


Chloe-Louise Lloyd is from twago, a global online platform where freelancers can find work. She is particularly interested in the freelance industry, especially in regards to graphic design.

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