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A creative workspace should be as versatile as its occupants. If the users can quickly adapt their thinking and practices, why should the physical boundaries of their workspace be rigid and inflexible? That’s the thinking behind Made, a unique workspace located in central Berlin overlooking the busy Alexanderplatz which opened in March 2010.
By Carsten Foertsch - Friday, 16 July 2010

The large office-studio was designed by architect Alexis Dornier with flexibility as the main priority. The open-plan space is sectioned off using large moveable partitions that can be quickly repositioned. Up to five isolated sections can be created if maximum privacy is required, or the entire floor can be opened up to make room for events.

Coming together or apart by light

The lighting system assists in visually dividing up the space. The roof is covered by over two hundred LED lamps that can be programmed individually, in sections, or as a whole. Areas can be cordoned off using light rather than walls.

The design looks superficially simple – white walls, open spaces, movable segments. But Danish architect Sigurd Larsen, who sometimes works in the Made office, said the design was quite complex.

“The interior design looks basic, but to create a room like this you need to bring together twenty different professionals to work on every little detail,” Larsen said.

Every month brings new users

Made was designed to be modifiable because it play host to a constantly changing cast of occupants. The workspace is a giant shared studio for artists and creative professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Each month new artists arrive to work on different projects, customizing their surroundings to suit their needs.

Artists must apply to use the space, and are selected on the basis of their proposed projects. Once selected, they can use the space for free and are provided with materials.

The whole concept is funded by a sponsorship's budget of a wodka brand, which most small workspaces can't match. But the principles of flexibility can be easily applied to any location.


By Joel Alas

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