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The best thing about coworking is, it marries community spirit with personal independence. You could do your own thing, and yet, still garner the positive energies of others in the same space to enhance your well being. This not only heightens your productivity in the space, but also helps in boosting your energy level when it is dwindling on a day that somewhat refuses to soar.
By Christina Ng - Thursday, 27 December 2012

When your work environment is an all-rounded coworking space where you have facilities that include lounging rooms and little pantries, it would be advantageous to make full use of them - on top of the various skill sets of your versatile coworking mates.

Here are six energy-boosting tips to get you through a day when your body just refuses to match up to those brilliant ideas you have in your head. Time to combine the talents of your coworking mates with the facilities of your coworking space to give yourself an energy boost.

1. Drink more water and less coffee

Every coworking space offers a pantry nowadays or even has its own kitchen, like The Kitchen in Auckland, a shared work space that cooks up ideas for social good and also has its own warm, cosy kitchen. When you feel fatigued at your desk, you could relax at the kitchen; however, instead of going for that tenth cup of coffee, try grabbing a bottle of mineral water instead as too much coffee makes you dehydrated. Research shows that caffeine has a diuretic effect when you consume large amounts of it -- more than 500 to 600 milligrams (the equivalent of 5 to 7 cups of coffee) a day.

 Unfortunately, even though the aroma of coffee can be invigorating for some, bear in mind that even slight dehydration can leave you feeling tired. The more balanced solution is, don’t drink more than 3 cups a day. When you are next in the kitchen trying out that new coffee machine, experiment with a tall, cool glass of water first, and see if that makes you feel better. You could add lemon slices to spice it up too.

2. Take a walk

In Berlin, there are coworking spaces like Betahaus - claimed to be the biggest in the German capital, that has more than 2500 sqm (27,000 sq ft.) of spaces that you could fully utilize to perk yourself up on a bad day.

Join the lounge area when you need a boost. Have chitchat with someone else chilling too, except, don’t sink so deep into the sofa and forget your pressing tasks.

What you can do is: make a new friend, and invite him for a walk. While it may seem as if moving about when you feel exhausted is the quickest route to feeling more exhausted, the opposite is true. Experts say that increasing physical activity - particularly walking - increases energy.

In experiments conducted by Robert Thayer, PhD, at California State University, a brisk 10-minute walk not only increased energy, but the effects lasted up to two hours. And when the daily 10-minute walks continued for three weeks, overall energy levels and mood were lifted.

In the case of Betahaus which is located in Berlin’s eclectic Kreuzberg neighbourhood, it also means you could have an interesting little stroll that not only energize you, but also inspire you.

So make that new friend, go out with him to get some sunlight and fresh air. Both of you will come back to your desks refreshed, I promise.

3. Co-own a power snack basket

Sometimes, the coworking space may not stock up the right snacks – however, you can form a little group in the coworking space to get a power snack basket where everyone can be rotated to fill it up every week. Another idea is for every person in the space to contribute a power snack to the basket everyday.

The right nutrition helps in replenishing your diminishing energy level, especially treats that combine protein, a little fat and some fiber -- like peanut butter on a whole-wheat cracker, honey cereal bars or some yogurt with a handful of nuts or dried fruits. The carbohydrates offer a quick pick-me-up, the protein keeps your energy up, and the fat makes the energy last.

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