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“Can we meet for coffee?” This is the common language when hooking up with your friends, isn’t it? At your space, coffee would be an excellent way for freelancers to interact and network. They might even borrow a few ideas from each other over a cup of coffee while working. And for the freezing nights when some freelancers have deadlines to meet, we all know how much coffee can come in handy, right?
By Sarah Jones - Monday, 06 March 2017

This article will give you insights on how to settle on the best coffee maker for your coworking space. Because despite all the great benefits that come with coffee while working, choosing which type of coffee maker you require is not easy. 

The guest post is written by Sarah Jones. She is the editor of Coffee obsessed, she is always writing or learning new things about it. 

So How Do We Incorporate Coffee Makers In A Shared Work Space?

The task of finding the right coffee makers for your workspace can be daunting; especially if that space is already crowded with other gadgets. But if you’re blessed with space, hallelujah, just get one of the best latte coffee makers and spoil your coworkers. 

Some basic rules always apply to most of the coworking spaces. But the most important rule is that, ultimately, the coffee maker needs to make coffee while respecting your diverse backgrounds and work ethics. For example, get a coffee machine that makes both black and white coffee if your team is composed of employees from different continents. If you are planning to put up a coffee maker in a coworking space, the following factors have to be considered;

Size Of The Coworking Space

How big is the coworking space? What is the capacity of the coworking space? Having a coffee maker in a coworking space is one thing. But being able to guarantee that everyone gets enough coffee is another thing. 

Estimate the amount of coffee consumed on a daily basis and get a machine that can achieve that capacity without compromising on quality. The look on a coffee starved freelancer is the last thing you need to deal with.  Finally, ensure that you don’t have to brew five jugs of coffee per session to get everyone satisfied. They say that the end justifies the means, but I believe the means determine the end. 

Similarly, if the capacity of your coworking space is large enough to accommodate a high number of people at a go, then, go for a bean to cup coffee machine or a dispensing coffee machine. The reason being, they offer a broad range of capacity tanks. Because of that, adjusting to the required volume is easy and consequently very efficient.

For smaller coworking spaces, the average number of people expected is less. Here, a cartridge coffee machine or a filter coffee machine will work sufficiently for your coworking space. They are easy to use, and they result in very little to no mess. 

The Age Group Of Employees Your Coworking Space Targets

Technology is and will always be a great invention for mankind. However, if your target team is still struggling to operate the basic iOS phones, stay away from techie coffee makers. The surprise might be on you. Keep it simple, and the freelancers will appreciate. 

On the contrary, don’t invest in coffee makers invented in the 80’s if your target group is composed of the “XOXO” generation. Need I say more? And if the team is a blend of different age gaps, a universal coffee machine would be the most ideal.

In addition, if some of the freelancers receive visitors in the coworking space, you need to factor in these visitors. Extending a courteous cup of coffee to their guests will be the order of the day. These customers will bring in more business based on this generosity and not for all the empty promises they received during their visit. Don’t take my word for it; Skarlicki DP did all the research you need.

When All Is Said And Done?

The Advantages

Bond creation: Offering coffee at a coworking space makes the users come together, know each other, share ideas and build relationships.  You are guaranteed of high-quality office coffee: This will create a sense of appreciation for the freelancers and strike a positive rapport with your visitors.You can accommodate all types of freelancers: Those who prefer black or white coffee and even any professional baristas who find themselves in your workspace. 

The Disadvantages

The new baby will come with an added financial burden. Cleaning might be a challenge. 

Getting The Coffee Makers Cleaned

If you have a dedicated office cleaner, this shouldn’t bother you. However, where the employees need to do the cleaning, it is always advisable to come up with a cleanup routine. Not only does that make your work easier, but it also makes your employees feel more responsible. And cleaning is also super easy according to the health guidance

Bottom Line

As you make your budget for the core amenities in your coworking space, please remember to include an ideal coffee maker. Happy and satisfied coworkers keep coming back and most also refer their friends. This is great for business, right? Therefore, why not go the extra mile and invest in amenities that make the life of your users easy? You never know, your coworking space might be the next big thing in your city.


The author loves to travel, partly to learn about coffee culture around the world, and of course to indulge in it as much as possible.

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