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Between January and April 2011, Deskmag analysed the results of the first Global Coworking Survey and published them in a series of twelve themed articles, which are listed here as a summary. Through our analysis we wanted to provide coworking spaces with helpful information to better understand and serve their members. While the survey results are a good general guide, remember that each coworking space is a unique community which can have its own special needs.
By Carsten Foertsch - Wednesday, 13 April 2011


All articles on the Global Coworking Survey:

Start: Why coworkers like their coworking spaces

Part 1: What coworkers want

Part 2: The Coworker's Profile

Part 3: The Coworking Space

Part 4: Female coworkers vs. male coworkers

Part 5: Coworkers in the U.S.

Part 6: MacOS vs. Windows - Firefox vs. Chrome

Part 7: Small Town vs. Big City Coworking

Part 8: The Non-Coworkers

Part 9: North America vs. Europe

Part 10: The changing needs of coworkers over time

Part 11: The strenghts of small and big coworking spaces

Part 12: The Age Groups


The Global Coworking Survey was carried out by Deskmag in cooperation with the Technical Universitaet Berlin from 09.12.10 to 23.12.10. It attracted 661 participants from 24 countries and four continents, which fill in our questionnaire.


The survey was supported by coworking organizations and spaces in several countries. We would especially like to thank the following organizations for their support in translating the questions into Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish (in alphabetic order):

Coworking JP - a Japanese blog about coworking

Coworking Spain - a Spanish coworking space directory

Movebla - a Brazilian magazine for flexible working arrangements

We would also like to thank the following organizations for promoting the survey (in alphabetic order):

Cowo – Coworking Project - an Italian network for coworking spaces

Coworking.de - a list of German coworking spaces

Coworking Europe - the European Conference on Coworking

Coworking Google Group - a global forum for discussions about coworking

Coworking Sweden - A Swedish blog about coworking

Deskwanted - our sister site, a global listing and management system for coworking spaces

Emergent Research - a small business research and consultancy firm based in the U.S.

Entreprise Globale - a Belgian think-tank

Hallenprojekt - a coworking network for digital workers and places

Moboff - a Japanese coworking space in Tokyo

Silicon Sentier & La Cantine – Coworking networks in France

The Network Hub - a Canadian coworking space in Vancouver

A big thank you also to all other participating coworking spaces for forwarding the survey to their members, without whom this survey would not have been possible.

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