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It can sometimes feel like work takes over your life, especially when you are faced with daunting deadlines and projects that need constant attention. The little free time that you have can easily get spent on taking care of the daily tasks that were swallowed up by the work week. Coworking spaces are acutely aware of the fact that work can be overwhelming, which is why many offer services that make the daily routine more pleasurable and productive.
By Amanda Gray & Hana Hariri - Tuesday, 05 February 2013

Here we have a compiled a selection of interesting services offered at some coworking spaces, which can be used as inspiration for same or similar services:

Need a balance between social and quiet time?

Flockd, a “real-world app” that launched last year during Global Entrepreneurship Week, is a tool that enhances connectivity and productivity. In partnership with several coworking spaces, including Green Spaces and New Work City, Flockd is made for open workspaces. The product was inspired by the relationships, innovation and ideas, which typically come to life in coworking spaces. People can use it as an invitation to build relationships, collaborate, form an in-person following, be productive, create open-conversation zones, and signal needs for new resources. 

Marissa of Green Spaces described the product as a pyramid shaped tool that users "can place on a table, writing their name, organization and topics on its dry-erase sides. The effect aims to be real-world Facebook, live tweet or spontaneous meet up. When people are busy, they turn Flockd on its side to set clear, healthy boundaries”. 

Tony of New Work City said that "Flockd will make it far easier for my members to feel comfortable being social while also being able to stay focused and be more productive. As workspaces continue to evolve away from cubicles and toward open environments, the need for something like Flockd is only going to grow.” Flockd is made of dry-erase, recyclable and customizable plastic. In essence, it helps create the perfect balance between being social and being productive, which is essential in the ever-changing workspace. The price of the product starts at 5 USD. 

Need a white shirt after a dirty working day?

Does this ever happen to you: it was a long day at work, you need to get your fancy shirts cleaned for that important meeting tomorrow, you’re hungry and all you can find in your fridge at home is mustard and the little light that goes on when you open it? The shops are already closed and you suddenly see yourself eating the fourth Kebab that week…

Luckily, there’s a solution for all of your problems. Well, maybe not all of them, but for the everyday errands that needs to get done: grocery shopping, dry cleaning, fixing your broken stuff.

EinFach, is a Berlin startup that works like Dropbox, but in real life. Just enter your grocery list on your smartphone and EinFach will do the shopping for you. Leave your dirty shirts for them in the morning and pick them up nice and clean after your workday. All you need to do is take your belongings out of the locker conveniently situated at the exit of the coworking space. EinFach is currently based only in Berlin, however the idea behind can also be adapted by other coworking spaces.

Need a car?

Of course there are errands that services like Einfach simply can’t run for you, and for those bigger tasks sometimes a bike, or catering service just won’t cut it. NextSpace in San Jose, California has got you covered, by offering a free Zipcar membership! Registering for a Zipcar account normally costs 75 USD, but if you sign-up as a member of NextSpace, those wheels are yours, for free! This is an incredible opportunity for coworkers who need to move around a bit more during the day and don’t normally have access to a car. Combining a membership with other sharing services is a win-win-situation for all, and a good inspiration for other coworking spaces.

Need some air for your bike?

Those of us who live in big cities know how expensive public transportation can be, markedly if you don’t invest in a monthly train pass, and especially if you ride the train several times a day. Yet, a lovely thing about many cities is a general bike friendly attitude. Even with the city’s notoriously speedy drivers, there is always a bike lane, and even a bike traffic signal, set up for those who prefer to commute by bike.

At Betahaus Berlin, there are innumerable services to improve your comfort and productivity. For those who are riding a bike, the coworking space offers a solar driven bicycle pump, located right outside of the building. There you can pump up your tires and be sure to have an efficient ride home after a very productive day. Yet, there's much more to worry about still...

Need a printer that doesn't always jam?

Last, but not least, we turn to a very useful tool: Ezeep. Printing for the rest of us. Ezeep is working with over 500 million worldwide printers, some of them found in coworking spaces, allowing you to simply print from their website or from your smartphone. You simply put credit on your account by charging it to your phone bill, select a document, et voila! Tangible evidence that shows that your printing experience can be without paper jams and ink shortages. Although, it is a big task to manage so many printers spread out over such a large distance, so Ezeep is constantly working to better their service to make your life just a little easier. 


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