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Ambient noise boosts creativity

One of the common complaints of coworkers, or potential coworkers, is the noise level of a workspace. Noise, we figure, is negative, and distracts us from our tasks at hand. More scientifically put, noise causes processing difficulties or disfluency - a reduction in the ‘ease or speed with which we process information’. But according to a recent study on the effects of noise on creativity, this element of disruption is not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, a certain level of distraction, as when induced by a moderate level of ambient noise, induces abstract thinking and, in turn, creativity.

  • Community building tips... before opening a space

    While the coworking community as a whole can concede that there is no textbook approach to starting and operating a coworking space, there are several good reasons to start with community. Here are some reasons to why community building pre-opening is a good idea, and nine - sometimes contradictory, but nonetheless insightful - community building strategies which are tried and tested by coworking space operators.

  • Seven tips to help a coworking space run smoothly

    Why aren’t coworking spaces called ‘cohuman spaces’, if it’s all about the people in them? Simply because the space revolves around people’s needs to work - and coworking enables and simplifies the means for people to do so. Here are seven tips to make daily work life in coworking spaces easier and more comfortable.

  • Designing imperfect coworking spaces

    If anything was clear in the last “Coworking Spain Conference” it’s that coworking is not just about work, it’s a lifestyle. Nowadays, when it is so clear that our economic system is no longer sustainable, alternatives must be sought. Coworking, as most will agree, is not about the people who work in it. But how do we create a space that reflects this?

  • Crowdfunding: No funding without a crowd

    The crowdfunding market quadrupled last year alone, where ordinary people found other ordinary people to finance their projects. There is an art to the crowdfunding venture, and as many have already noted, it is not always simple to master. As the name suggests, without a crowd, there is no funding.

  • How does it feel to start coworking?

    Many coworking members join their spaces in Spring, marking the first season of many for most of the freelancers and entrepreneurs who make the switch. But what does that first week feel like? We met Lasse, a Danish expat living in San Francisco who was a newbie to the world of coworking... until he joined his space. Here, Lasse shares his experience of his first week, and offers tips for those who are not yet familiar with the concept.

  • Picking the collective brain

    A coworking space is a gathering point for a wide variety of creative and motivated and individuals. Several spaces around the world are experimenting with ways to turn this diverse pool of talent into a collective brain. In Vancouver and Melbourne, spaces invite members to consult on projects for outside bodies. Engaging coworkers as consultants may be a way for spaces worldwide to draw out the most valuable aspect of their communities.

  • 10 free self-promotion strategies

    As most freelancers and startups begrudgingly acknowledge, self-promotion and targeted marketing are important parts of running a successful business, but often require lots of time and resources. Here are 10 free (or low-cost) tips for self-promotion, that won't take long to execute.

  • Good idea! Some toys & tools for coworking spaces

    On our recent Coworking Space Ship tour around the US and Canada, we saw a lot of great innovations that can be replicated anywhere. Tech tools, practical fixes and quirky toys can help make a space function better and become more welcoming. Here’s a couple we’ve spotted in coworking spaces around the world.

  • Ten tips for coworking with children

    Coworking with children has so far proven to be a huge success or equally large failure for the spaces that have tried it. Third Door in London is in the first category. But their journey to success wasn’t easy. The founders gave Deskmag a ten point summary of things to consider when trying “coplaying”.

  • Five lessons from London’s creative coworkers

    Coworking and the creative industries are a great combination. Both are famous for their creativity, relaxed approach to work and open-mindedness. And there are reasons for the pairing too, as creative businesses often need to pull teams together at short notice, say for a film project, and a coworking space is an ideal place to do that.

  • Five useful tools for freelancers

    Independent workers and small startups juggle lots of balls. They manage all parts of their project, from start to finish, including finance, customer relations, and logistics. So Deskmag has come up with a list of five useful new tools for coworkers and startups which make work life that little bit easier.

  • Helping coworking members interact

    For the average coworker, the advantages of working in a coworking space typically include being part of a community, reducing isolation, increasing productivity, networking, and growing a client base and work flow. Encouraging interaction and collaboration in coworking spaces is therefore something all space operators try to achieve, but there are some spaces which serve as exceptional examples to the coworking community in accomplishing these goals.

  • Transition from home to coworking

    It's a new year, and perhaps you've decided to start it afresh by leaving your solitary home office and setting up in a buzzing coworking space. Before you make the leap, here are a few tips for helping you transition from a solo to collaborative workspace.

  • First aid in coworking spaces

    The holiday season signals a time to give back to the community by supporting groups working for a good cause. As well as the wider community, coworking space operators can make sure their own communities are well looked after with a gift that keeps on giving. By creating a safe place for coworkers to work and making sure a space is equipped to deal with workplace emergencies, space operators can help create an environment conducive to year-long merriment.

  • Designing a successful coworking space

    How can the design of a space encourage collaboration and innovation? One of the most engaging events at the recent Coworking Europe Conference was the design workshop led by the team from TILT, a studio that specializes in collaborative workspaces. The results were so interesting that we asked Oliver Marlow from Tilt to write a special guest post for Deskmag to summarize the outcome.

  • Coworking operators as expert community managers

    The fundamental skill of a good coworking space manager is community building. That is something big organizations will look for as they attempt to adopt the methods of coworking inside traditional workplaces. Coworking spaces have an opportunity to become expert community managers, and to apply their knowledge across a wide range of locations, not just their own.

  • Ten tips to make your coworking space more profitable

    As the Global Coworking Survey has shown, coworking spaces earn their income from a variety of sources, not just from monthly memberships. So what are some innovative ways to boost your revenue stream? At the recent Coworking Europe conference in Berlin, a workshop led by Manuel Zea from Spain created a list of ten ideas to help push a coworking space toward profitability. Here’s a summary of what the workshop discussed.

  • Ten tips to welcome new members

    In our casual culture, the art of welcoming someone into a new situation seems to have gone the way of the newspaper or the hand-written note: it’s nice, but who has the time? Since we’re all interested in growing our coworking spaces into sustainable communities and businesses, it seems that retaining new members plays a big part in our collective success.

  • Ten things to tell the government about coworking

    If you had half a day with your government’s department of economics, what would you say about coworking? Deskmag was recently given this opportunity by the City of Berlin. They asked us to provide a list of “ten things the government can do for coworking”. We threw the question open to the Coworking Europe conference participants during an open camp session. Here is a first summary of the recommendations that emerged.

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