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The Insider’s Guide for Freelancers

Starting out as a freelance consultant can be a daunting task. Without a clear understanding of your customer or how to manage projects and expectations, and without a solid support structure in place, you’ll find the road is a rocky one. With the help of experienced freelance consultants that have jumped through the hoops for you, we’ve put together the Insider’s Guide To Freelance Consulting and outlined the framework you’ll need to successfully launch your business. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes and overcome obstacles other freelancers face with regard to people, pricing and projects – you’re not in this alone!

  • Energy Boosting Techniques in Coworking Spaces

    The best thing about coworking is, it marries community spirit with personal independence. You could do your own thing, and yet, still garner the positive energies of others in the same space to enhance your well being. This not only heightens your productivity in the space, but also helps in boosting your energy level when it is dwindling on a day that somewhat refuses to soar.

  • Five freelance tools for more relaxed & productive work in the new year

    Accounting, Office Management, Corporate Communications - as a freelancer or part of a small business, you typically have to compartmentalize many departments into one, sometimes at the same time and on the same day. On top of all that, there is of course, the actual work that you have to do in order to make money. That's why we here at Deskmag offer tools, which self-employed workers and small businesses can use, as a way to save time and money. Here are the next five.

  • Okay,you're a freelancer, now what?

    It’s a big world of work out there, and while freelancing may seem like the ultimate way to escape the confines of an oppressive work environment, there is always the possibility to get lost… especially with more bills coming in at the end of the year. Now that freelancing is becoming increasingly popular, there are more and more platforms available for self-employed individuals to get the most out of their time and skills.

  • Do business cards have a place in a coworking space?

    One of the advantages often touted for coworking spaces is the opportunity to network, particularly if you’re a freelancer or otherwise working on your own. But the shape that networking can take isn’t quite the same in a coworking space during working hours as at an event held specifically with the intention of encouraging people to network.

  • Starting a coworking space where coworking is unknown: a success story

    Recently, HUBBA Thailand, the first coworking space to open in Bangkok, celebrated 10,000 fans on their Facebook page. That's impressive outreach into the Thai community and beyond, both for their own coworking space, and for the coworking community as a whole. Even more impressive: they only launched in May this year. HUBBA Thailand's story is inspiration for all those in the coworking industry who start a space as pioneer in a big city or want to see one thrive.

  • Encouraging Collaboration with a Startup Environment

    Slowly but surely, the startup environment is growing in popularity throughout the business world. From Googleplex to the more modest, unfinished office spaces in Palto Alto, this environment brings a slew of benefits to the company as a whole. However, some businesses may struggle with the balance between productive and creative, and how that fits in with encouraging collaboration effectively.

  • More than a desk: the secrets of building a coworking community

    We are social beings. Even the most shy, introverted web developer needs to venture out of their bedroom into the world once in a while to stay sane. And that’s why most freelancers and solo entrepreneurs end up joining coworking spaces. Here are some tips for building community in a coworking space.

  • The low-down on social media for small businesses

    We all know by now that social media platforms can be a very powerful channel for connecting with customers, raising brand awareness and for generating new business (see how) – so learn how to use them, and use them well! Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube or Pinterest, here are some useful suggestions of when and how to use each channel.

  • 5 tips to build a community for your startup

    At this year's Social Media Week Berlin, HootSuite's community manager Sharif Khalladi shared his company's secrets on how HootSuite quickly built a sustainable community. Since he shared his 'secrets' with a 50-odd person crowd at the Social Media Week business and PR hub, he gave the audience free reign to spread them further. Here are five key ingredients that have contributed to HootSuite’s success.

  • Community-sourced ethos: coworking in practice

    While coworking can be broadly defined by a handful of terms and principles - community, collaboration, and workspace, to name a few - the combination of these values, and the emphasis placed on each, varies from space to space. And as the community evolves, so too will the ethos of a space. Finding an ethos - or set of values - reflective of an ever-changing community is a challenge all coworking space operators face.

  • Take a break - it's good for you!

    The more hours you put in, the better the result right? Wrong. In fact, most people would agree that it’s not the quantity of hours that determines success, it’s the quality of work produced. Long hours don’t necessarily produce the best work. Especially when a project requires inspiration, creativity and high levels of concentration, breaks are a much-needed part of the process.

  • The Art of Brainstorming

    Brainstorming is a widely used, powerful tool for creative problem solving and breaks away from rigid, process-driven thinking. However, there are some important lessons to learn before you dive into your first brainstorming session. Although using colored markers and over-sized pieces of paper can be fun, it’s important to be prepared and organized.

  • The ingredients of successful startups

    Serial entrepreneur and creator of ICQ, Yossi Vardi, knows startups. He became the founding investor of Mirabilis, the creator of ICQ, the first Internet-wide Instant Messaging system which sold to AOL for 400 million dollars just 19 months after it launched. Since then, Vardi has helped build over 70 more tech companies in the software, energy, internet and mobile fields, to name a few, and has a firm grasp on the fluid startup ecology, and what it takes to be successful within it.

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Business Plan

    There are endless articles, guides and websites dedicated to advising entrepreneurs on how to write a solid business plan. But we wanted to hear some real advice first hand, from the people who know it best – the entrepreneurs themselves. We sat down to talk with several young start-ups to gain unique insight into the do’s and don’ts of writing a business plan.

  • Changing coworking spaces?

    For most coworking devotees, advocates and members coworking has changed their lives for the better. While most coworkers remain committed to their coworking spaces, not everyone finds their ideal coworking arrangement on the first try, and not everyone can stay at their preferred coworking space indefinitely. This article offers some ideas on how to tell whether it is time to dig your heels in and fix what is broken or whether it has simply time to move on.

  • What are you worth? A Freelancer's Guide to Pricing.

    So, you have taken a slightly riskier, but potentially more enriching decision to become a freelancer. You have a great skill set and the motivation to make it - but when it comes down to negotiating your contract - how do you know you're getting paid what you're worth?

  • Contracts in Coworking Spaces

    The foundation of all coworking spaces are their community, which are built on the basis of respect and trust. Breaches of trust are thus a rarity in such work spaces, and coworkers sentiments reflect these statistics, with most coworking space members feeling comfortable leaving their belongings unattended. But a coworking space - like any other space - must have rules and regulations to protect the facility and its community.

  • Color as a communication tool for coworking spaces

    Color is a communication tool which also works for coworking spaces. It can stimulate, calm, appetize or depress. Color and decor play important functions in creating an environment conducive to work, but also conducive to communication, and positive thinking. Investing time and energy into the design a workspace that inspires these qualities.

  • 9 Apps to take on Summer Vacations

    Yes, it’s summer. At least in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Thankfully for those of us who aren’t in the warm spots, it’s not hard to travel to different places with more agreeable climates. Here are seven apps that are made for vacationing, that can be used with or without an internet connection.

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