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4. Public coworking

Public authorities are being to understand and want to accompany work changes. They ultimately favor innovation and entrepreneurship. They start developing spaces with highly competitive prices by funding them directly or by funding non profits.

As a result, more people can then access the coworking world, but the movement simultaneously loses a part of its independence, creativity and authenticity. Private based initiatives become less competitive.

5. Federation of spaces

In this scenario, several existing initiatives succeed in becoming organised in a type federation, which creates synergies between them, increases their skills and enables coworkers  to move from one space to another. As a result, coworking could be decentrally organized in different influencial spaces and communities, all because of interaction

Which orientation to choose

Among theses different scenarios we, Mutinerie coworking space, personally favor the last option. We think that coworking could be organized through a network of spaces that would be both independent and strongly connected.

After all, as coworking space creators, we wish for coworkers to remain free and independant but give them the chance (if they want to) to work and collaborate with one another. We also wish the exact same things for coworking spaces.

We also believe that the last scenario, could be the closest to the coworking values, as well as the most original but also the most exciting. In following that example, we have the opportunity to show two things. Firstly, we can show that coworking that emerged thanks toits  “foundation”, can also be structurated thanks towhat the movement was build upon.

Secondly, we can show that coworking is able to expand our current model, which we personally use in our space, to a larger scale.

We have the opportunity to see what cooperations could really achieve to a large scale when partnering up with free and independent people. That’s why we believe that the period ahead will be highly critical. What’s your own vision about the future of coworking?


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