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Power Lunches are typically associated with the corporate lifestyle. We imagine business suits, fancy cars, folders full of incomprehensible paperwork, racking up a huge tab and then putting it on the company card. Power Lunches set the stage for interviews, meetings, planning projects, and of course, the basic need to eat. Yet what about those who also need to meet with clients and have meetings, but don’t have the freedom to take them out to a steak dinner on the company credit card? Freelancers need to eat too! Not to worry, coworking spaces are already changing the way we work, so why not let them change the way we eat too. Many have already considered the importance of high quality and accessible amenities as being an important part of their space, and that philosophy has carried over into the way they do lunch.
By Amanda Gray - Sunday, 03 March 2013

Many coworking spaces have restaurants incorporated into their space, and a majority of them aim to provide fresh and healthy meal options for their members and are also open to the public. The restaurant or cafe is not only a good place to decompress, but also an excellent community meeting point. Deskmag presents to you some examples of spaces that offer built in restaurants, where coworkers can host their own Power Lunches, at an affordable price.

A simple and sweet meet & greet

Sankt Oberholz is a coworking space and a café/restaurant all rolled into one big beautiful old office building, right in the middle of Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin. Spacious and light, the atmosphere is welcoming and lively, which is perfect for those who like to work with a little background noise. It’s a combination of people stopping in for lunch and others typing away at their latest project.

The upper level provides the “ko-working” space, and if you are in need of a power nap or a place to stay for a longer period of time, Sankt Oberholz offers lovely apartments for rent, right in the same building.

The lower level is where you can be sure to set up your next Power Lunch. The menu is comprised of everything from salty to sweet, including a variety of lunch specials, soups, breads and freshly baked goods. If you feel that you are ready to call it a day, there is a variety of draft beer and wine available.

Of course, if you are already a dedicated coworker at Sankt Oberholz, the restaurant is probably somewhere you’ve spent a good amount of time already. But if you aren’t a member (yet), the café/restaurant is a great place to set up a meeting, since the space offers free WIFI for everyone, members and non-members included.   

The coworking family sits down for dinner

Enerspace in Chicago is a coworking space that offers a centrally located and accessible workspace, but also focuses on health and wellness. Working at Enerspace might look something like this: meeting in the morning, workshop in the afternoon, sending some emails and then hitting the gym. If you don’t have time for a full fitness session, members are encouraged to take a jog with a colleague, as a way to stay fit and increase productivity.

Thus, it is no surprise that Enerspace also stands by healthy eating, and as way to make sure the community stays strong, they do a member lunch special every Friday.

“We are really excited about our member lunches. I did the first one - a brunch...and then after that, members started volunteering to cook every Friday" said Jamie Russo, chief of work and wellness at Enerspace. Russo also told Deskmag that the members do everything, "they pick the recipe, buy the ingredients and cook." The space promotes the lunch, takes RSVPS and makes sure that the kitchen is well stocked.  

"They love it. We've been really excited about what a great community builder it is," Russo continued and added that they not only expanded their space and added a "pimped out" kitchen, but that she "had a hunch that might be a great addition and it was."   

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