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Many writers, musicians, painters, and artists in general have a day job. If you have not found a way to support yourself as an artist, the need to make money can take away from the opportunity for you to be creative. Although the idea of coworking is creative in its own right, since it encourages collaboration and community, there are also many coworking spaces that make art and artist needs a large priority. In fact, if you’re an artist looking for a desk to share with like-minded creative people, Deskmag has a few spots for you to check out.
By Amanda Gray - Wednesday, 05 December 2012

Engaging in creative activity, such as playing an instrument, drawing or painting, can increase productivity in all other aspects of our lives. Of course, if you are just looking for a creative atmosphere to do your work in, but not necessarily produce your own art, that’s okay too. 

Here are a few examples of coworking spaces, which offer a vibrant and creative atmosphere for the worker, no matter what their specialty. What makes these spaces stand out, is that many of them offer a place for artists to do their work in collaboration with the regular office spaces. 

Berlin, Germany

If you didn’t already know, Berlin is known for its constant and ever-changing creative scene. As a result, the city is attracting an increasing amount of young and creative artists of all types. Not only is Berlin undergoing a creative renaissance, but the coworking movement is quite popular too. 

ESDIP Berlin is located in Fredrichshain, a neighborhood known for its galleries, lively nightlife and creative energy. ESDIP is located in a refurbished factory building and it not only offers desks and all of the basic office amenities, but the space also has an art gallery. If the gallery alone doesn’t pique the interest of artists looking for a shared space, then consider this; ESDIP also hosts events, exhibitions and workshops, which offer even more possibilities for networking. As they advertise on their website “bring your laptop, sketchbook, or whatever you use, pick an empty desk and cowork with us! You can use the workbench, tools and books. If you want, you can also show your art work in the Gallery”.

Workshop topics cover everything from how to design a logo and portfolio building, to Japanese Calligraphy. ESDIP includes the best of both worlds. You can even show your own work in the gallery. If you haven’t really explored the creative side of yourself, perhaps sign up for one of their many workshops.

Artconnect is located in Neukölln, a neighborhood also peppered with galleries, star-ups and young creative talent. Offering desks for just 110 Euros a month, Artconnect also centers their space on the arts in Berlin. Included in the price are all of the necessary elements that come with a professional workspace. Yet, in a similar fashion to ESDIP, Artconnect holds a variety of shows, networking events and workshops. 

Workshops offered at Artconnect also focus on helping artists and young start-ups learn how to promote themselves and become connected. There is everything from cultural grant writing, how to create a digital portfolio, even introductions to Photoshop, Final Cut, Illustrator and the list goes on…

Just last week Artconnect hosted a networking brunch where the popular I Heart Berlin blog and Front Row Society gave presentations on their work and talked about how they started in Berlin. Ploonge, a start-up company based Berlin that focuses on showing people how to network, encouraging them to have real life experiences and meet people over a meal, sponsored the event. Ploonge also shares its office with the members of Artconnect. The networking brunch gave artists and creative-minds the chance to meet, talk and enjoy a feeling of community over a nice breakfast.

Agora describes itself as a “a cultural hub where educational, artistic, and entrepreneurial values are cultivated and exchanged”. Also located in Neukölln, this unique coworking space offers a lively café, bright and open office spaces and art studios. If you are in need of some serious focus, Agora also has rooms designated as “silent zones”. Whether you are an artist looking to complete a project, or a web developer that thrives on the energy coming from creative projects, Agora has it all.

It would be a great place to set-up a desk space and work with your team, or to make important connections. Get involved with Agora’s art collective if you are looking to enhance you career in the arts.

Agora celebrates their network of interdisciplinary thinkers coming from all walks of life. The coworking space strives to make the most out of the thriving art community in Berlin. 

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