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How a coworking space imagines corporate coworking

Austin is an economic boomtown with newcomers locating there everyday. Many people looking for a coworking space in the city end up at Conjunctured, run by very attentive, forward-thinking people with an eye for design and a heart for mankind. They are launching a pioneering initiative called corporate coworking, bring the coworking model into the heart of the corporate body in order to reshape and revitalize corporate structure so they attract and retain the best minds the U.S. workforce has to offer. Meanwhile, David Walker works on transcending the stranger society.

  • Coworcation: The most productive holiday you can take.

    In the wake of endless music festivals, BBQs in the park, beers on the roof and seeing all your friends post on Facebook about their exotic travel destinations, it’s safe to say: summer has officially arrived. But what about those of us who are self-employed, and in our world, the idea of taking a vacation is somewhat abstract. Deskmag has considered the freelancer, and has figured out a way that you can combine productivity and relaxation, through a couple of very special coworking projects….

  • Coworking Spaces in long-term relationships

    “Coworking? I love coworking…I am actually thinking of opening my own space.” If you are involved in the coworking community, even just a bit, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard someone say this at one point in time. It’s no surprise that the coworking bug has bitten, not just individual freelancers, but companies and corporations as well. Deskmag spoke to the founders of two spaces that have been open for over five years, and know the meaning of a long-term coworking relationship.

  • Experimental Coworking with Temporary Exchange Programs

    With the freewheeling and flexible Coworking Visa and structured programs like LEXC and CoPass, the coworking world seems blessed with plentiful choices when it comes to work mobility and flexibility. However, if you just want to be able to check out new spaces and test the waters first, temporary exchange programs may be the way to go.

  • Should the public sector fund coworking spaces?

    The public sector is now ready to contribute to financing coworking spaces, and will do so by tapping into calls for projects and creating partnerships. However, from the perspective of coworking spaces, there is a challenge when figuring out how to remain independent and avoid being forced to live on a constant income of public subsidies.

  • The Borderless World of the Coworking Visa

    For some people coworking is all about mobility and flexibility, and these people have stretched this concept to unlimited possibilities, where variety has plenty of space to roam and explore, all in the name of the “coworking visa”. A simple seed of ingenuity in 2008 has now blossomed into a huge tree, with branches stretching far and wide into all corners of the globe. Deskmag got a closer look at how far coworkers and coworking spaces have taken this flexibility.

  • Coworking challenge: 16 ideas for the future of coworking spaces

    The quest for the perfect coworking space composition is no small matter... that is why design and new concept competitions are so great. After 50 days, the “coworking challenge” brought to you by Betahaus, DreiSechsNull and Jovoto, has finally released the winners of the contest, along with a multitude of inspiring ideas. Thus, what will the coworking environment of the future look like?

  • Found in Paradise: Coworking on Islands

    More often than not, cities on islands see many people come for the holidays and then return their jobs in the big city. Yet what about those who call paradise home? What does their work life look like? How do they go beyond the tourist industry and create a rich professional environment, and not simply get lost in paradise, but thrive in paradise?

  • A Brief History Of The Office

    The office: was it better before? Not so sure. Our ancestors would be shocked to see the way we work today: "comfortably" and in coworking spaces. But what did the office look like before the arrival of design, ergonomics, open space … and even the rolling office chair? We took a trip back to the past, to understand how coworking today revolutionizes our understanding of the workspace.

  • Green Coworking: How Ecofriendly Coworking Spaces Can Look

    Sustainable lifestyles are a thoughtful response to the state of world we live in at this point in time. But a greener lifestyle is only the beginning. Sustainable business practices are also on the rise, and coworking spaces, with their inherent flexibility and tendency towards the experimental and the unconventional, are the perfect places for green practices to abound.

  • Coworking Spaces... Run By Corporations

    The philosophy behind coworking and corporate work environments seem to be very different. In many ways coworking is considered the alternative to working in a traditional office, and it gives those who want to change their work environment, a place to go. But what if there was a way to have the best that coworking has to offer, without having to completely abandon your current occupation. We took a closer look at coworking spaces that have found the happy medium between the two concepts, and as a result have created some spaces of their own.

  • Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan: when optimism meets coworking

    Would you be ready to create your own business, despite being faced with political and economic instability? In Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt, entrepreneurs and coworking spaces say: yes! Well before the "Arab Spring", the democratization of information technology had already started developing towards digital entrepreneurship.Thus,after the 2008 recession, numerous incubators and coworking spaces emerged, which now support a new generation of entrepreneurs.

  • Spotlight London Coworking: Liverpool Street, Clerkenwell & the City

    Our last spotlight on London coworking spaces took us to Hoxton. This time around we will be focusing on locations centred on Liverpool Street, Clerkenwell and the City of London.

  • Coworking spaces: a new lease on life for historical architecture

    Your current coworking space might have been a church, or even a bus factory in its previous life. The fancy walls could be the historical construction of a bygone era, or a part of a structure left behind by a pious pilgrim. The high ceilings might have seen icy days when the space collected huge amounts of sweating ice blocks, or the place where you are sitting right now could have once been the little table of a studious pupil.

  • Brand new coworking spaces and their future plans

    The seeds of coworking are quickly spreading around the world, and spaces are now popping up at the same speed as the information that drives the coworking movement. So what are these new spaces like? What are their experiences within the first weeks of existence? As a way to give you a sense of the new coworking spaces available around the world, Deskmag spoke with four spaces that have opened in the US, Thailand, Spain and France, within the last three months.

  • Power Lunches: Coworking Style

    Power Lunches are typically associated with the corporate lifestyle. We imagine business suits, fancy cars, folders full of incomprehensible paperwork, racking up a huge tab and then putting it on the company credit card. Power Lunches set the stage for interviews, meetings, planning projects, and of course, the basic need to eat. Yet what about those who also need to conduct interviews and have meetings, but don’t have the freedom to take clients out to a steak dinner on the company credit card? Freelancers need to eat too!

  • The sharing economy vs. the dominant model

    We sometimes need to go back to the basics, especially during a time of structural crisis like the one we are experiencing now, which has ultimately called the principles of our economy into question. We cannot not understand what the “sharing economy” means if we do not ask ourselves what “economy” means. I would stand by this definition: the economy is a human activity consisting of production, distribution, exchange and the consumption of goods and services. Using this explanation at a starting point, let's compare the new sharing economy and the classic economy model, point by point.

  • Why Your Office Will Disappear

    If you’re like most people, you work in a high-rise building alongside colleagues who, much of the time, are away from their seats in meetings, at lunch or traveling for business. Get ready for drastic change. A global recession, emerging sharing economy and more buy in to climate change are each pointing boardrooms toward efficiency. Your office as you know it will be gone.

  • Coworking with your kind of people

    People can be more productive around like-minded people, as the whiff of inspiration transpired among similarly motivated individuals catches on like fire. The special insight that each enthusiastic person brings to a common problem charges up another dreary soul, who may be momentarily down in the ruts or scarce of ideas. They understand the pain and problems of their peers in the industry and can better commiserate and share experiences.

  • Coworking Spaces - Hubs for the Collaborative Economy

    Communities and networks are beginning to rapidly develope as a result of something called: the collaborative economy, ultimately challenging the myth of scarcity. While a variety of components form this economy, they seem to all come to the same conclusion: coworking spaces. Welcoming communities, meetups, fablabs, markets or P2P platforms, coworking spaces have become the real "hubs" of the collaborative economy.

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