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Background: Loffice, a coworking space in Budapest

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Curated coworkations at changing locations:

Active Workation

Adventurous Life (40+)


Coworking Camp (paused)

DNX Camp

Digital Nomad Girls (for women only)

Digital Outposts


Hacker Paradise

Nomad City

Nomad Convoy

Nomad Cruise


Pangea Dreams (for women only)


Remote Year

Sunny Office

Sun Surfers (Russian)

The Remote Life


Wanderist Life

Wifi Tribe

Wireless Life




Year-Round Locations (coworking with accommodation)

Bali, Indonesia: Dojo Bali - Hubud - Hustlers VillaLivit - Outpost 

Bansko, Bulgaria: Coworking Bansko

Brandenburg (state), Germany: Coconat Bad Belzig, St. Oberholz Biesenthal (recommended for groups)

Canary Islands, Spain: Coworking Canary Islands - Coworking in the Sun - Hub Fuerteventura - Restation - Wolfhouse

Malta: CocoHub

Mokrin, Serbia: Mokrin House

Montenegro: Playworking

Phuket, Thailand: Phuket Stash

Portugal (south-eastern coast): The Stoke Works

Saint Victor de Buthon (rural location near Paris), France: Mutinerie Village

Tarifa, Spain: La Cocotera

Thagazout, Morocco: SunDesk

Vienna, Austria: Hotel Schani



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Last updated on June 26, 2019

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Coworking Resources from A to Z
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