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Could you answer this question in one sentence? A single answer won’t even come close to reflecting the different perspectives of all the members and operators. The Global Coworking Survey solves this problem. What started seven years ago has developed into the biggest and longest-running survey on coworking worldwide. And starting today, you can cast your vote again: the next edition of the Global Coworking Survey is online! Coworking spaces can also benefit by supporting the survey.
By Carsten Foertsch - Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The largest coworking survey worldwide is running again and will collect the answers from members and operators of coworking spaces in a pool of results. Former members and operators are free to participate as well, as are people who are currently planning to open a coworking space. Last year, more than 1,800 participants filled out the questionnaire. You can find the new survey here: COWORKINGSURVEY.COM

We are processing the collected answers by topic and will publish them from February 2018 on Deskmag. As always, the most important results will be presented free of charge and compared to the previous years. What developments do the coworking spaces go through? Who is running them, who is working in them and how? Besides recurring questions for the comparison, plenty of new questions are included as well.

Without the support of the participants, the Global Coworking Survey wouldn’t be possible. The more people take part, the more reliable will the results be that we can share with the participants and the public - and the more extensively can we report about them. That’s why we’re thankful for every single contribution and want to thank you upfront for your time and your support.  

Coworking Spaces can contribute in additional ways to the survey. All official supporters of the 2018 Global Coworking Survey will be mentioned with a name and link in Deskmag articles on the new results. In presentations, they will be presented with their logos as well.   

How can I become an “official supporter”?

1. Send a newsletter with a link of the Global Coworking Survey to your members. The information should appear in the newsletter as the first or second topic and should motivate your members to take the survey. Supporting promotion material can be found here.

2. Send us a copy of your newsletter and your logo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. As a thank you, we will mention you as an “official supporter” in presentations and articles on the 2018 Global Coworking Survey. In addition, we will present all of the supporters in banners on deskmag.com as long as the current survey is running.

Btw, our Twitter account @coworkingsurvey will retweet the best tweets about the coworking survey.

And now take the survey: coworkingsurvey.com and spread the word. Please don't share any other link.

Thank you very much for your participation!


Please note: The Global Coworking Survey will at no point ask about information that could offer conclusions on the participants. All of the data is collected anonymously. This approach ensures free and honest answers and will never change.

For the first time, we ask respondents for the name of their city if the city has more than one million residents. Members can also enter the name of their coworking space. The five most mentioned coworking spaces will be featured in interviews on deskmag.com. The five best rated coworking spaces will be announced on deskmag.com accordingly as well, if enough ratings could be collected. There's no chance of manipulation by taking the questionnaire several times by the same people. Those responses won't be considered. A coworking space can only receive one of these awards by motivating as many of your members as possible to take the survey. 

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