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Deskmag has covered the worldwide coworking movement for over three years. During this time, we have published more than 800 articles about the development of coworking spaces. We see a bright future for our beloved publication and want more than anything to be able to continue our work. Unfortunately, we have reached our limit and we are now asking for your support to help Deskmag live on. Today we have launched our official crowdfunding campaign, which aims to fund the new Deskmag. With this funding we will produce the next Global Coworking Survey and introduce a set of new tools to the Deskmag website, based on numerous requests from our readers. Our incentives will allow us to focus more on our favorite topic: coworking. And in return we will show our gratitude for your support by offering numerous rewards.
By CARSTEN FOERTSCH & REMY CAGNOL - Monday, 14 October 2013

At its core, Deskmag reports and researches the coworking movement inside and out. The primary goal of our crowdfunding campaign is to continue our work, while also improving the quality of the coworking platform. The campaign will run for three weeks. Please continue reading to see the future of Deskmag or check our goals and rewards directly on the campaign site.

A faster, better, stronger Deskmag 

The Global Coworking Survey remains one of our top priorities. During the last three years, more than 3,500 people participated in this survey. It is the only long-term study ever conducted on the coworking movement. While we can evaluate the general results very quickly, the efforts to analyze all relations among certain groups and questions increased with each year. Because it takes a considerable amount of time to compare it to all of the previous data. 

With the crowdfunding campaign, we will release all of results from the fourth Global Coworking Survey again, as well as a comparison to previous years. Our supporters will receive additional prizes, which include a booklet containing all results along with handy summaries and better graphics. You can also choose to have a copy of the printed Coworking Market Report. The market report will include a comprehensive description of all results, which cannot be summarized in the articles published on Deskmag. The report will also include an overview of new trends as well as external studies.

More tools for stats, studies, events and coworking spaces

Aside from the work needed to complete our survey, we also receive around 300 emails each week, asking about everything from statistics, events and new coworking spaces. We can’t reply to all of them while we are busy keeping Deskmag working. 

A majority of the inquiries are related to current coworking statistics, broken down to individual countries and cities. Since the coworking movement is growing rapidly, it involves a lot of work to provide statistics which are up-to-date each time. We also receive many emails asking for further studies, and also the most recent academic studies involving coworking. Sadly, many of these theses disappear into the archives of universities without ever seeing the light of day.

Many coworking spaces also ask us to publish their local and regional events on Deskmag, and an increasing number of newly opened and old coworking spaces would like to be covered on our website as well. Of course we would love to do all of this, but it is not always possible. With your support, Deskmag will introduce a new set of tools that will allow our publication to provide new services.  

We will introduce a Coworking Library, to which we will add an estimated 200 coworking studies divided by topic and language. Students, graduates and scientists can upload research papers, and receive a better overview of current publications and contacts. Coworking spaces can benefit from the Coworking Library in many ways, by giving them access to the latest research. Yet, the library is open to everyone and we believe that coworking knowledge can benefit everyone from students to coworking space owners.

Following the library, we will also add a new section to the magazine called "Coworking Creation". In this section, new and old coworking spaces can introduce themselves by filling a short questionnaire. This is how we can contact and write about a higher volume of coworking spaces with more specialized information in mind. We also can use this information when writing city reports, and providing more statistics which we will summarize for our readers. Having this platform for new space will also facilitate the counting process when conducting the latest coworking surveys.

If Deskmag can raise more than 20,000 Euros in our crowdfunding campaign, we will merge all of the above information, as well as the results of the Global Coworking Survey, into a live analytic tool. Here users can even retrieve information on specific market data at any time. This tool could be extremely useful for those who are looking to expand their coworking space, open a new one, or simply want to learn more about the coworking movement in general.

Wait, there’s more…

Since Deskmag the capacity to report from every corner of the world at all times (yet), we will add an edition for coworking spaces, associations and readers, where they can share and curate their own articles. We will build a democratic content curation tool, which will follow the Deskmag Style Guide in order to avoid shallow content or promotions. Content which is of high value for our readers will be published on the main page of Deskmag. In addition to this tool, we also will introduce an event calendar, which coworking spaces can refer to for their upcoming events.

Some of our rewards and partner:

Our crowdfunding campaign has been supported by many partners with numerous donations. These donations will be given to you as rewards. 

The largest contribution comes from Cobot offering coworkers a tool to manage their spaces with ten subscriptions for the next six months.

Do you want two tickets to the Coworking Europe conference in Barcelona taking place this November? Or how about the Global Coworking Unconference Conference next May? GCUC has donated the first two Early-Bird-tickets, which you will receive along with other prizes. You will receive the tickets immediately, regardless of the outcome of the campaign.

We also have several book prizes for you. The Freelancers Union donated ten Freelancer's Bibles. Fresh off the press, “The Rise of the Naked Economy - How to Benefit from the Changing Workplace", has been donated by the founders of NextSpace, as well as "The Style Of Coworking" that includes beautiful photographs, donated by Prestel and the authors themselves. Both books come in hardcover, which will be sent to you in the mail.

We also offer an eBook classic for you, titled: "Coworking: Building Community as a Space Catalyst". This eBook was written by Kwatowski and Buczynski, and gives an introduction to community building.

We would like to thank our readers for their many years of loyalty. With your continuing support of the crowdfunding campaign, the future of Deskmag can be secured and we can continue to grow alongside the coworking movement. 

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