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How many people plan to open a coworking space in the future? What kind of people use coworking spaces and what is important to them? How many spaces are profitable? Knowing the answers to such questions helps us better understand the coworking movement and ensure sustainable growth. Good news - we publish the answers every year as part of the Global Coworking Survey in a variety of reports. It’s the biggest survey on coworking worldwide. To get the widest and most accurate view of coworking, we need your help. From today, you can take part in the next edition of the Global Coworking Survey.
By Amy Jones & Carsten Foertsch - Thursday, 17 January 2019

Anyone can take the 2019 Global Coworking Survey on coworkingsurvey.com. Whether you are a current or former member, operator or employee at a coworking space, your opinion matters in our survey. Last year more than 1900 participants completed the survey.

As always, the main results of the survey are made available free of charge. They are also presented at coworking conferences around the world. Publishing these results is a public service to the entire industry; It reflects the sharing spirit of coworking. You can read more about the discoveries here.

Not another survey, right?

The Global Coworking Survey has given a comprehensive overview of the coworking industry for almost ten years, making it the longest-running survey and also one of the most helpful resources of its kind. As the industry is so fast-paced, yearly surveys can reveal important trends and statistics.

We know, no one has time for a long-winded survey, but almost everyone would like to get as many detailed results as possible. It’s a conflict we try to solve by tailoring the questions to your role within a coworking space and offering breaks. We’ve streamlined the Global Coworking Survey to take only 5 - 15 minutes.

For this reason, it may take longer for operators to complete the questionnaire, than for ex-members, and longer for newer than for older coworking spaces. Need more time? You also can stop and resume the survey from the same place. This year like every other year, we will ask questions in the survey that have never been asked before. We publish the main Global Coworking Survey results for free, we just ask for a few minutes of your time in return.

Honesty is the best policy

It sounds like a relic from the democratic stone age, but the survey is anonymous to encourage respondents to be honest and ensure the most accurate and unbiased data possible is collected. We don’t ask for any respondents’ personal information such as names or addresses. We exclude any respondents who take the survey for fun or try to sway the results.

Become a supporter to promote your coworking space

The survey wouldn’t be possible without your responses and support. Every year we welcome official supporters of the survey. We invite all coworking spaces and organizations to support the survey by circulating it through their channels to their communities. Of course, the more respondents and data we can gather, the more detailed the analysis of the coworking industry will be.

To say thank you for your support, we will mention all official supporters in our published materials, presentations, and on rotating banner ads until the end of February on Deskmag. Deskmag is the most-read coworking magazine in the world, and its public presentations have been downloaded several thousands of times. So many readers can see your logo. In addition, all official supporters receive one of the detailed Global Coworking Survey market reports of their choice.

How to become an official supporter of the Global Coworking Survey?

Becoming an official supporter is very simple:

1. Include the survey in your newsletter

Encourage your members to take the Global Coworking Survey in your next newsletter. You should highlight the survey and coworkingsurvey.com in your first or second topic. Additional promotional material can be found here.

2. Send us a copy

Send us your newsletter featuring the survey along with your logo to "survey AT deskmag DOT com".

That's it!

We are truly grateful for any help to spread the word on our survey. To say thank you, we feature you as an ‘official supporter’ in presentations and articles on the 2019 Global Coworking Survey. Your logo will also be on the rotating supporters banner on Deskmag throughout the period that the survey is running.   

Don’t forget to spread the word, we’re looking forward to sharing with you how coworking has developed. Update: The 2019 Global Coworking Survey will run until the mid of March. To participate in the survey, please visit www.coworkingsurvey.com.

Thank you!

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