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Ever wondered what happens to all those student surveys, research papers and reports, PhD theses and books on the coworking sector? The Coworking Library runs a free and searchable interdisciplinary open online database gathering abstracts and other information about all the coworking research that has ever been published.
By Johanna Voll - Friday, 11 January 2019

The Coworking Library is a platform to share or find any research about coworking and collaborative workspaces included papers, books, chapters in books, conference papers, research projects (Phd, MA or above), market reports and other studies. It provides links to the publications and will host selected files to be downloaded directly, if the access does not infringe copyrights.

The database includes both academic research and industry research, so long as the latter follows some basic academic standards. An added value is that there is an English abstract for every entries regardless of the language the publication was originally written or published in. In addition there are also keywords in different languages for each entry. Searching, and sharing publications to, the The Coworking Library is free of charge.

Benefits for students, researchers and space operators

The database is a great resource that offers an overview of all existing research. It can be searched and filtered by discipline, publication year, language, document type and/or keyword.

This makes it easier to find out whether a specific research question has been answered before, and allows for more valuable research to be conducted for and with coworking space owners as oppose to send them even more repetitive requests for publicly shared information.

What’s next?

There are currently more than 150 publications indexed, in 9 languages and across 30 disciplines. The website is constantly being updated and many more entries are still being submitted, shared and moderated. You can help the project by submitting coworking research directly through the online form.

Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated, as well as getting in touch with the team to talk about a sponsorship in order to help maintain and advance the platform.

There are many ideas for the future, including a direct connection to and between the publication authors and a multilingual website. It is great to see this project launch online and grow in a collaborative way.

Who is involved?

The Coworking Library is a collaborative non-profit project by the German Coworking Federation e.V., represented by Johanna Voll, and Deskmag founder Carsten Foertsch.

In 2018 Hector Kolonas joined the team as a new partner, and has been developing the tech side of the project over the past few months. He also founded included.co which provides business-boosting members benefit programs to hundreds of coworking spaces worldwide.

Following the inspiring support of many international researchers, students of the European University Viadrina and countless friends from the coworking movement, the Coworking Library has now found a new home at coworkinglibrary.com.

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