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Today is the start of the two-day Coworking Spain conference in Madrid. And today, we’re proud to announce the launch of the Spanish version of Deskmag! ¿Hablas Deskmañol? Over the next few days we will cover the conference in Madrid, but we also want to focus on the growing movement in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and other Latin American countries. We’ll translate many of these stories across our English and German sites to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of coworking in as many languages as possible.
By Carsten Foertsch - Friday, 25 May 2012

Today is a hot day in Madrid. A radiant 28 degrees is beaming down on the Spanish capital, which is full to the brim due to the Copa del Rey, the country’s main football tournament, which takes place in the Atletico Madrid stadium.

Another event is taking place in Madrid this weekend, and while it won’t attract as many attendees, in our opinion it’s just as – if not more – important. Coworking Spain, one of the strongest national networks of coworking spaces, is hosting its first conference. Up to 200 people are expected to attend.

Coworking enthusiasts have travelled from across Spain, but also from around Europe. Today they will meet at the Hub Madrid for a curated conference, and tomorrow the crowd moves to Utopic for a barcamp-style unplanned conference.

 We’ll cover both days of the event here on our English pages, but more importantly, on our Spanish pages. Click our language selection button at the top of the page, or head straight to www.deskmag.com/es to read our articles in Spanish.

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