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The biggest worldwide study of coworking is officially underway, seeking a better understanding of the demographics and economics behind the movement. Who are today’s coworkers? How are the relations amongst coworker? What values do really count? How do coworking spaces stay viable? These important questions will be answered through the second annual Global Coworking Survey 2011/12, which is now open for coworkers, space managers, potential space founders, and operators of failed coworking spaces: www.coworkingsurvey.com.
By Carsten Foertsch - Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A detailed study of coworking is valuable for everyone connected to this fast-developing movement. Coworkers themselves can benefit, as their needs and circumstances can be better tailored to if their requirements are better understood. Coworking spaces can learn more about former, current and potential new coworkers, and improve their services to help them. And an in-depth analysis of the economics behind coworking can help everyone find sustainable models of operation.

With this in mind, the Global Coworking Study 2011/12 will ask specific questions about operation of coworking spaces, as well as the challenges facing them. What are their major problems? All these topics will be addressed.

The 2011 edition of the survey will build upon the knowledge gained in the 2010 Global Coworking Survey, which was the first worldwide analysis of the movement. More than 1100 individuals from 24 countries took part, generating an incredibly helpful data set. This year the survey aims to reach more coworkers and space operators. The questionnaire is shorter than last year and takes less than 10 minutes. We also have questions for people whose space failed in order to share and learn from their experiences.

By taking part, you can improve your own working atmosphere, you are helping to create better collaborative workspaces worldwide, and improve the way we work together!

Like last year, all results will be shared with the participants, and a series of detailed reports on the findings will be published on Deskmag. Preliminary results from the survey will be presented at the Coworking Europe Conference from November 3 to 5 in Berlin.

You will find the survey on: www.coworkingsurvey.com


The Global Coworking Survey 2011/12 is produced by Deskmag and Coworking Europe, and is supported by the University of Texas in Austin, Emergent Research and ikosom, three institutions which will each independently examine the results.

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