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319 Scholes Opens Coworking Space For Artists

319 Scholes, a multidisciplinary space in New York City that hosts workshops, live performance and group exhibitions, examines the bridge between technology and art. Offering artists access to workshops, tools and space. Founder Igal Nassima and curatorial director Lindsay Howard have worked together to create a space that supports new works from artists working at the intersection of art and technology.

  • Coshare - The 1st Coworking Association in the US

    The concept of forming an official coworking association to collectively represent the movement has been floated in the past, but was met with some resistance. Today, there a lot of local associations, and some national coworking organizations such as the Italian CowoProject or CoworkingCroatia. This month, they have been joined by a new buddy: the 1st coworking association in the US. CoShare will promote and support the movement in the world's biggest coworking country.

  • The 1st Health Insurance Plan For Coworking Spaces

    Bring a group of independent workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs together and ask them to identify one of the biggest drawbacks to “working for themselves” and pretty quickly the conversation will turn to Health Insurance. While most independent workers value the flexibility that their chosen work style provides, traditionally the high price of extended health benefits has been a real financial barrier to most.

  • Deadline Extended for Global Coworking Conference Host City Bids

    With its roots at the SXSW Conference in Austin, TX dating back to 2007, the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) attracted over 300 people from eleven countries in 2013 and is seeking bids for a new city to host the 2014 event. The deadline for proposals is now extended to Friday, August 2.

  • Investor drives Deskwanted into insolvency - Criminal filed

    Deskwanted requested to open a series of insolvency proceedings. Since January, the company's investor has refused to provide payment from the budget that was previously agreed upon. Instead, they have continuously tried to bring Deskwanted into debt. In addition, they refused to hand over Deskwanted's belongings, which were left behind. For these reasons, Deskwanted has recently filed a criminal complaint against the CEOs of Immobilien Scout GmbH, a subsidiary company of Deutsche Telekom, also known as T-Mobile in many countries.

  • LiquidSpace Receives Additional Funding of US$ 1.3 Million

    LiquidSpace, the web and mobile platform, which aims to facilitate the process of finding on-demand work and meeting spaces in the US, received US$ 1.3 million in additional funding this week. The money will be added on to the US $11 million in funding raised since 2010. According to the company, the support comes from two new strategic investors—Steelcase and the CBRE Group, two bigger companies that are also involved in the workspace industry.

  • The differences between work cultures found in eleven countries

    Cultural differences have been a major challenge for many workspaces, especially those that are welcoming a variety of different nationalities. We all work differently and our professional expectations, as well as our cultural values, highly influence the way our workspace is designed. In a new issue of the research paper 360°, Steelcase has addressed these challenges by mapping the different work cultures found in 11 different countries.

  • 4.5 New Coworking Spaces Per Work Day

    More than 110,000 people currently work in one of the nearly 2,500 coworking spaces available worldwide. Compared to last year, there are now 83% more coworking spaces that serve a total of 117% more members! Considering only workdays, we see 4.5 new coworking spaces have emerged daily for the past twelve months. During the same time, the number of coworking members increased, on average, by 245 people each work day.

  • Entrepreneur + Others + Space = Engagement?

    Is entrepreneur’s engagement boosted by social support? How is it possible that coworkers develop so many new creative ideas in Coworking Spaces? What makes them successful in implementing these ideas in start ups? A research project tries to find out, and you can take part in.

  • The Coworking Forecast 2013

    The diversity of the coworking movement is growing and with it a variety of coworking spaces. We see that more and more members are open to changing their space, so what’s going on with the coworking spaces? Compared with the previous results, they clearly plan on having a lot more members (!) frequent new locations. Fortunately, more competition leads to growth in the collaborative market, not to declining revenues. In fact, 9 out of 10 coworking spaces expect a significant increase in comparison to the previous year.

  • NextSpace Coworking Community Raises New Funding of $825K

    NextSpace, the largest network of coworking spaces in California, has today announced a new funding of US$ 825K. Two years ago, it was the first coworking space to receive a 6digit Dollar funding. They invested the money to open four new coworking spaces. This mission was recently accomplished by opening their sixth coworking space. For the next round of expansion they cooperate with U.S. biggest architecture firm, Gensler.

  • The Worldwide Jellyweek 2013 is starting next week

    Sitting in betahaus café, Anni Roolf, from Germany, and Brazilian Leila País de Miranda are passionately discussing the concepts of privilege and reward in the third world. They are not arguing; it’s simply a healthy exchange of ideas and perspectives, an example of open communication. Another young coworker from the US sitting at the end of the table pipes in, and he and Leila delve deeper into the conversation.

  • It’s the End of... the old world of work.

    What do you your New Years resolutions look like this year? Join the gym, loose weight, eat healthier, quit smoking, and... prepare for the end of the world? Instead, maybe you could prepare other people for a new world of coworking! For this, show other people why you like coworking in one picture. All pictures which are linked or sent to us, will be featured in an article ...that is, of course, if the world doesn't come to an end on December 21.

  • "Home Offices Increase Unproductivity & Coworking Spaces Belong To Past"

    Having an office at home can be comfortable. But according to the results of a recent study done by Regus, almost every second person cannot concentrate while working from home. Regus, the global chain of business centers, also comes with another novelty: coworking spaces are a thing of the "past"! Why this doesn’t matter and can be ignored... you will learn here.

  • Day One: Coworking Conference Europe

    The Bellevilloise in Paris' east buzzed with activity yesterday as 280 attendees came together for the third annual Coworking Europe Conference. Participants came from as far as the US and Australia, with over 30 nationalities represented. The programme on day one featured keynotes from a range of industries, and invited audience participation in the afternoon during panel discussions.

  • 1st Results of the 3rd Global Coworking Survey

    The first results of the Global Coworking Survey 2012 show continued growth: average member size has increased, and a third of all spaces plan to expand to a new location. At the same time, the core values of community, collaboration and productivity remain strong amongst the users of coworking spaces. Not only that, but coworkers chose one unexpected word to best describe their coworking space: fun!

  • 2000 Coworking Spaces worldwide

    Exactly two years ago, Deskmag began diligently documenting the opening and closing of coworking spaces worldwide. In our most recent count, we are pleased to announce an industry milestone: more than 2000 coworking spaces exist worldwide, an increase in 250% compared to October 2010.

  • 3rd Annual Coworking Survey launched

    For the third year running, Deskmag today launches the Global Coworking Survey, examining the international coworking movement. The survey, which is taken by coworkers, non-coworkers, and space operators alike, aims to understand various facets of the international coworking movement in order to support and encourage sustainable growth. Last year, Deskmag collected data from over 1,500 respondents, making it the world’s largest survey dedicated to coworking.

  • Megatrends shaping the future of workspace: Bene Trend Report

    The nature of work is changing. We have left the industrial economy behing and entered the age of the knowledge economy, where solution workers use knowledge as their raw material to innovate and solve problems. This new type of work, along with a number of other megatrends in society, demands new work instruments and vastly different work environments, heralding new workspaces that are more open, flexible and collaborative.

  • Social Media Week Berlin: Still going off with a bang

    Day two into Social Media Week Berlin - one of 13 simultaneous events around the world - and it’s still off with a bang, with huge attendance at all three venues throughout each day. The week-long event kicked off with a networking breakfast at Naherholung Sternchen hosted by Artconnect Berlin, and was the perfect way to launch what has already been an open and collaborative event.

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