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The Major Coworking Events in North America:

▶︎ The Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC USA), Berkeley, California

May 6-8, 2015, organized by Liz Elam, Link Coworking - and NextSpace Berkeley

Why shouldn’t you miss it?: “You should attend GCUC if you're into Coworking. On day one new attendees will go to Camp GCUC and get a full day of insight into the Coworking world. Alumni will get valuable time with their peers to unconference themselves. Day two starts off with a speaker then two dueling debates. We have a great new icebreaker in store for you after lunch and then the unconference time. The third day is more unconference time and dedicated to tours to coworking spaces.”

Goal: “Actionable real world ideas and tools you can implement in your space when you get back to the real world.”

Main topics: “Coworking Roots, Coworking versus Office space, The Future of Coworking & Work and lots of unconference time.”

More info: Expected number of attendees: 400 ## Location: Freight & Salvage and Berkeley Repertory Theater, Downtown Berkeley ## Tickets: for general admission are still available, starting at US$450 for three days of programming, including a coworking tour. Prices go up to $500 after April 1st, Last-Minute-Tickets can be bought for $650 after May 1st ## Accommodation: “We are working on hotel partners and we recommend Airbnb and Homeaway.”

Interested in supporting or sponsoring GCUC? Get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! ## WebsiteFacebookTwitter

▶︎ GCUC Canada, Toronto (Ontario

September 16-18, 2015, organized by Ashley Proctor, The Foundery

What can you expect? “A uniquely Canadian perspective on the global coworking movement, speakers from around the globe, a diverse coworking tour (some coworking spaces in Toronto are 10 years old) and a partnership with IndieCon, an unconference for independent workers.”

Main topics: “Coworking, Independent Workers, The Future of Work, Shared Workspace, Creative Professionals, Community Building and Culture, Sharing Economy”

What has encouraged you to organize such an event? “I want to bring together the most magical minds in the industry to learn from each other and to facilitate collaboration. I want to introduce the world to the vibrant and diverse coworking community here in Canada.”

More info: Expected number of attendees: 300+ ## Language: English ## Location, tickets & website: to be announced in January or February 2015

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