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The Coworking Conference in Brussels last November was the first important event where the European coworking movement gathered from all parts of the continent in one place to form a common identity. The European Jelly Week has also demonstrated that there is a rapidly growing coworking scene across Europe that is starting to network together but in decentralized ways. Deskmag today features a guest post by the organizer of the Jelly Week, Anni Roolf.
By Anni Roolf - Monday, 24 January 2011

At the launch of the Jelly Week there were initially only three entries on the map: Wuppertal, Münster and Namur. Gradually more entries were added, and even after the Jelly Week was underway more locations came on board. A special host from Tokyo joined the event to make it global. In total, 48 hosts in 38 cities from 14 countries participated.

Each day a Skype video chat took place between participants. There was even some Jelly tourism: Wuppertal Jelly had visitors from Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin and Dresden. The experience showed that better quality tools and structures are needed if we are to develop continuous communication and cooperation at a European or even international level.

An important objective of Jelly Week was met: to motivate and strengthen European networking, analyze the missing elements, and develop ideas about how to meet these needs. The ideal solutions do not yet exists, but they will come. They could spring from the Debüt coworking project, a group of five students who are analyzing coworking as part of their thesis. The group used the Jelly Week to conduct interviews and analyze the future requirements of coworking.

The potential effect of Jelly Week was demonstrated in Wuppertal, where a temporary coworking space existed for five days hosting events. Our test users expressed a wish that the Jelly collaboration could continue permanently. The public response was excellent: TV reports on WDR and WZ-TV and a newspaper article. These media reports helped attract attention and brought forth a number of interesting real estate options for a future coworking space. For those considering starting a coworking space, using a Jelly as a foundational instrument is fully recommended.

In the future, we should continue to develop these and other initiatives to create a diverse and vibrant coworking scene. This will create a fertile breeding ground for cooperation, new entrepreneurship, innovation, and intercultural exchange, and help to give rise to new structures that allow small economic players to operate in a globalized world and generate a completely new form of economy and society.

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