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How do these workspaces function

Although they recognize the same reality, all of these spaces will not be managed in the same way and also attempt to encourage community interaction. "We just have to experiment in this area," said Kasper Souren.

In the process of creating a network of places, Kasper created Nomadbase, the still experimental version of a network designed to connect travelers to a group of living spaces for nomads that are found throughout the world.Kasper and David agree that because it is a kind of social experiment, the founder is sometimes put in the unwanted position of "passive / aggressive 
dictator." This happens because he/she wants to be sure the Space functions in the best possible way.

When asked as a good hacker, if he holds a "log" of what is happening, David explained he wants to quantify everything: the use of space, the energy consumption and every action that takes place in the house. "I want to create a society based on the same ideal as hippies, but we must also be able to pay for the space and create interesting things." Finally, the processing of all data and metrics related to the use of space is, according to David, a way to ensure that the area is functioning properly.

According to Nadia, analyzing people metrics in the space is not the right approach. As Antoine said about himself in his room, as in many coworking spaces, there is no written statement telling how each will contribute to the community rules. Within a community of coworking, it is even possible to have some conflicting interests. Three brothers and a close friend deal with Mutinerie, "I think people feel that family spirit is in our community," explained Aintoine.

Indeed, when comparing the Nomadbase and Cyberhippietotalism, to Unmonastery and Mutinerie, we see that communities can be significantly different. And our approach will undoubtedly differ when it comes to the importance that's given to the technology found in these new places to live.

But it's a safe bet that the digital nomads can benefit from these experiences. Much like pollinating bees will disseminate their knowledge they have acquired from all the hives that they visit, nomads will do the same with the information collected within the new places where one can live and work together differently.

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