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The recent years have been a big change for freelance professionals all across Europe. The combination of the financial crisis and advancements in technology has made it easier than ever for professionals to work remotely. In early 2015, independent professionals totalled 9,562,800 in the EU-28, making up 29% of all self-employed people, and 4% of the entire EU-28 workforce, according to the IPSE. The shift from traditional 9-5 positions to a more autonomous work/life balance has resulted in physical transformations in the workplace, such as the development of coworking spaces and retreat centers that cater to digital nomads. In addition to the creation of more open and collaborative spaces, this shift has also resulted in a change of thought towards how we understand work.
By Amanda Gray - Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Many professionals today value the ability to choose their own projects that they feel brings more meaning into their professional and personal lives. Even though the majority of independent professionals are between the ages of 25 to 49, it is important to remember that this shift in workplace mentality also affects previous generations, as the second largest group of freelancers is between the ages 50-64 .

Today, in Europe many independent professionals are based in several countries that cater to service sectors, such as the UK and Germany. These concentrated populations make up the majority, approximately more than half, of the EU’s population of freelancers. While this is a good sign in regards to the rise of independent professionals in Europe, it does show that there needs to be a concerted effort towards connecting and spread knowledge to freelancers throughout the rest of the continent.

In more underrepresented countries like, Croatia and Slovenia, there are budding freelance ecosystems that could be strengthened by more established communities. European Freelancers Week aims to do just that. By creating an open platform, for and by freelancers, those involved or interested in the movement are able to host pop events within their local communities on any subject they please, as long as its geared towards improving the lives of independent professionals.

Through exchanging knowledge, skills and networks in a serendipitous environment, European Freelancers Week is taking a major step towards uniting European independent professionals, because together we are strong! The first of its kind will take place, uniting independent professionals all over Europe! Get involved! Host an event, network with local communities, or simply follow the action online!

Learn more about how you can be a part of this growing community.

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