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At the European Coworking conference last November, participants from the United States lamented that coworking space operators don't have same opportunities to convene in person in the U.S. The upcoming Coworking Unconference in Austin, Texas, aims to change that. The organizers hope to help foster a feeling of connectivity within the U.S. coworking scene. And it’s a hit before it begins – attendance numbers almost exceed capacity, and a list of great user-created discussion topics has emerged.
By Nick van Ostren - Tuesday, 08 February 2011

The Coworking Unconference will take place on March 10 at the Hangar Lounge, a rooftop bar in downtown Austin. It’s only appropriate that such an event should take place in Austin. Not only is it the host city of South By South West, a massive music and interactive festival on which the Unconference is piggy-backing, but it is also one of the major centers of coworking in the U.S. - as already reported by Deskmag.

Organizer Anna Thomas (of Loosecubes) was at the Coworking Europe conference in Brussels in November last year, and was impressed by the interaction and collaboration between space operators there: “The idea is to bring everyone together for the first time, to allow everyone to connect, share ideas and rally around the theme of coworking,” Anna said.

"In Brussels there was a tremendous amount of passion and motivation instilled by the panels and discussions. The format worked tremendously well. We hope to continue that momentum, incorporating all the thoughts that came from that event."

The Unconference will rely on its users to come up with the topics for discussion, borrowing the user-created style of Barcamp and other events.

Already there are is an impressive list of topic ideas; the impact of coworking spaces on urban development; collaboration between urban coworking spaces and rural farms; utilizing coworking spaces as hubs for bike-sharing and seed swapping; new forms of business planning; and utilizing specialized software to better manage a space’s revenue and the care for members.

Attendees are invited to contribute their own ideas and develop existing topics at the Unconference website. However, if you haven’t already registered, you should do it very soon, as the venue is quickly reaching capacity.

For those who can’t get there, Deskmag will be at the Unconference to report on the proceedings and bring you challenging stories and interviews about the future of coworking.


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