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Alex Hillman, founder of Indy Hall in Philadelphia and specialist in collaboration and community for cities and businesses is coming to the UK! Alex will be fronting his 'Better Work Tour' which will see him discussing topics of coworking, community building and the likes of how this fast moving functioning trend is quickly changing the game of how and where we work.
By Jemma Caldwell (DeskUnion) - Friday, 04 October 2013

The ‘Better Work Tour’ is an hands-on learning opportunity and an international educational series about the future of work and collaboration. Alex recently visited three cities in New Zealand as start of the tour. Alex’s UK visit in London on November 5th is organised by Desk Union, and in partnership with Medusa Business, in the lead up to the annual ‘Coworking Europe Conference’ in Barcelona from 11-13 November.

Coworking space owners, community managers, business centre operators, corporate and government leaders will all leave these sessions with new insights and best practices for coworking and how those lessons can improve the productivity and happiness of groups and teams of all sizes. 

Victoria Arnold, founder of Desk Union, comments: “We are so excited about having Alex Hillman with us to share his expertise and it has been an honour to organise his tour – it’s such an amazing opportunity to learn from a true industry leader. Alex holds a strong vision for independent working within a self-sustaining community and has the ability to communicate this and inspire others.”

Alex Hillman, who founded Indy Hall in 2006 and is renowned internationally as an expert on coworking and collaborative work, explains: “There are many reasons why coworking has exploded as a global trend in the last few years. Indy Hall has worked on the front lines of those trends, learning a lot about the difference between ‘shared space’ and a collaborative environment where people are working together.” 

Lianne Dalziel, an MP of Christchurch NZ and Christchurch Mayoral Candidate, also participated in one of Alex’s sessions in New Zealand recently. She tweeted one of her takeaways: “Collaborative spaces don't make collaboration happen; requires collaborators - building trust & engagement needed first.”

Alex continues: “Attending events on the Better Work Tour will give a first hand and in depth look at how we build that trust engagement. You’ll learn how people work together best, both today AND in the future.”

You can join one or both sessions: a breakfast seminar for approx 120 people, followed by a more intimate problem-solving workshop for a maximum of 20 fortunate delegates who will have the opportunity to solve problems and obtain direct, personal feedback from Alex about their project or idea. This is a rare opportunity to gain practical and actionable advice for increasing the success of community efforts.

Tickets are available now through the eventbrite website

Alex is also working on a tour through a couple of US cities before the end of the year, and is already talking to partners about potential locations for 2014. If you're interested in hosting such a workshop, contact him.

Win a ticket for your place at the Better Work Tour in London!

Just write us a line on Facebook or Twitter that you like to participate, using the hashtag #betterworktour. We will raffle one winner for the breakfast talk and workshop. The winner will be announced on Sunday on our Facebook page.


Better Work Tour, London: Nov 5, 2013 - 10am-5pm, Admission: £30.00 (Breakfast Talk), £170.00 (Breakfast Talk and Workshop) - Location: Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA.

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