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Many entrepreneurs are opting to build their companies in digital nomad hubs where living costs are low and startup ecosystems are thriving, such as Berlin, Chang Mai, and Ubud. And as the lines between lifestyle and work blur, entrepreneurs are seeking out alternative arrangements for how they create and ideate. Sunshine. Collaboration. Founders. Work. Adventure. Locationless. Sharing. These are the words that inspired Coworking Camp.
By Chelsea Rustrum - Friday, 10 October 2014

This is a guest article by Chelsea Rustrum. She is the co-author of the soon to be published book, It’s a Shareable Life, dubs herself a digi-hippie, and leads many community endeavors in the arena of coliving and shareable lifestyles in San Francisco, CA. She’s passionate about entrepreneurship, building a new economy, and creating a smaller, more connected world.

There is a reason that light bulb moments often occur in the shower – the brain is relaxed, distracted, and producing more dopamine than normal. When you’re doing something new, the mind is able to map connections and see new potentials. That’s why travel is a breeding ground for creativity. 

Coworking Camp will be a great place to meet other entrepreneurs and have those “ah ha” moments, both professionally and personally. This endeavor mashes up coworking, networking with leaders form around the globe, and inhabiting the same resort for 6 weeks spanning from November 3rd until December 15th. While the camp lasts 6+ weeks, founders and teams can come for 1-6 weeks, depending on their schedule.

As a long time traveler, entrepreneur, coworking enthusiast, and coliving wonk, I know the benefits and necessity of something like Coworking Camp. In 2012, I led a similar group – although a smaller consortium in Ubud, Bali called Startup Abroad. Entrepreneurs need stimulating work environments and community to become and remain inspired. Coworking Camp aims to facilitate friendships, peer mentorship, advisement, and everything in between. This will be a great opportunity for the camp-goers to make deep connections, which are based on the value of a long lasting shared experience. I have no doubt that business will be done and lifetime friendships will be formed.

Just like with traditional coworking, the camp will give participants the support they need to build and grow their business – plus all of the entertainment they could possibly want to stay energized and in balance. And let’s not forget – escape the winter blues by heading to the beach! Coworking Camp will be a combination of heads down work during the day, networking and events in the evenings, plus fun excursions and activities during the weekends (like sightseeing, hiking, jet skiing, shopping, evenings out, and more).

70 entrepreneurs from 20+ countries will provide rich diversity and insights

At the intersection of Europe and Asia, Turkey is the perfect meeting ground for international participants. So far, 70 entrepreneurs are coming from 20+ countries, with a wide array of backgrounds, which will provide rich diversity for conversation and insight about doing business around the world. 

Even bootstrapped entrepreneurs can afford the camp, as it’s only €250 for one week or €600 for the whole time plus the discounted nightly rate for the hotel, and the cost airport transfers. Since it’s off-season in Turkey, the each person can have their own en suite for a mere €27 a night, all inclusive. The entrepreneurs will be spoiled in an idyllic beachfront resort in Analeya, Turkey, receiving the benefits of all-inclusive food and drinks, and an onsite coworking space. 

Welcome to the future of work! To signup and learn more, visit Coworking.Camp.


Similar events are currently running under the umbrella of the Coworking Camp in Cairo, or in Andalucia & Barcelona hosted by SunnyOffice


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