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The different types of cooperation

Coworking is based on cooperation. The topic is explored in depth in a recent book 'Together' from American sociologist Richard Sennett. But not all forms of cooperation stand for coworking or provide benefits for everyone. We look at what types of collaboration he distinguishes for us, taken from a section of his book. Those who desire more insight into the future of collaborations and those who want to learn more about the future of work, would be encouraged to attend the Work in Progress conference Hamburg, at the end of this month.

  • How does coworking create value? Australia’s first coworking conference explores

    The first official coworking event to take place in the region, the Coworking Conference Australia, is just over a month away. The program, officially announced last week, includes presentations not only from the coworking community, but from corporate Australia and coworkers themselves, with topics exploring the theme ‘how coworking creates value’ amongst all sectors and industries.

  • The early bird gets the worm: Upcoming Coworking Events in 2013

    Growing everyday, the coworking movement is recognized as the future of office workers. After the New Year many people start coworking. Thus it's a good time to start with events, which can introduce you to coworking spaces - globally & locally. A few weeks later, two central meet-ups of the coworking movement will take place in Austin & Melbourne. Here's some information about what's coming up and where you can get your early bird tickets before prices rise.

  • Holidays are Coming: Coworking Style

    Christmas, Chanukah or whatever it is that you choose to celebrate is a wonderful time of the year. You get to spend quality time with your family and loved ones, take some time off of work, kick back and relax. But what do coworking spaces do when most of their members stay home and stuff their faces with cookies and turkey? Deskmag asked coworking spaces around the globe what they were planning for the holidays...

  • Day One: Coworking Conference Europe

    The Bellevilloise in Paris' east buzzed with activity yesterday as 280 attendees came together for the third annual Coworking Europe Conference. Participants came from as far as the US and Australia, with over 30 nationalities represented. The programme on day one featured keynotes from a range of industries, and invited audience participation in the afternoon during panel discussions.

  • Your way through Coworking Europe

    The Coworking Europe Conference begins in a few days. Three hundred participants will fly, bus and drive in from all over the world to meet at the third edition of the European conference, held this year in Paris. More than 50 panels, workshops, barcamp sessions and parties are planned over the three days, from the 8-10th of November. For those attending, here are some preparation tips for the event; for those who are not able to attend, some ways to interact from afar.

  • Social Media Week Berlin: Still going off with a bang

    Day two into Social Media Week Berlin - one of 13 simultaneous events around the world - and it’s still off with a bang, with huge attendance at all three venues throughout each day. The week-long event kicked off with a networking breakfast at Naherholung Sternchen hosted by Artconnect Berlin, and was the perfect way to launch what has already been an open and collaborative event.

  • Summer Coworking Events

    There are a lot of events going on this summer for coworking spaces and their members alike. Beat the slow period by attending events and expanding your networks. Here are a few events that are taking place this summer in cities around the world: get in to the summer swing, get expansive, meet people and share your knowledge.

  • $350 Million for a 'Coworking World Capital'

    While many space operators and their members are whiling their days away in the sun, the organizers of Coworking Europe are already working on the third edition of the Coworking Conference, to take place on the 8th to 10th of November in Paris. It is the first conference that will be used as a tool for urban development, as well as explaining how, with 350 million dollars, a “Coworking World Capital” could be created in a city center. For the coworking community, early bird tickets will again be available up until the 31st of July.

  • Jellyweek Summer Workcamp

    Last January, thousands of participants took part in activities in all corners of the globe during Worldwide Jelly Week. It saw the creation of networks within spaces, across cities and between regions and countries, which sprang from the open nature of the event and the hours of coordination that went into making it possible. This year, bigger things are planned.

  • First Coworking Conference in Tokyo

    Yet another Coworking Conference is taking place this year, this time in Tokyo - one of the fastest growing coworking hubs worldwide. On June 16, coworking space operators and - unlike conferences preceding it - a proportionately large number of current and potential coworkers will come together for a day of panel discussions and a tour through a coworking exhibition space.

  • Coworking Spain Conference: Day Two

    A rich and social breakfast set the tone for the second day of the Coworking Spain Conference on Saturday, held in Madrid's biggest coworking space, utopic_US. The participation levels of the attendees was once again high, with banter and light-hearted debate throughout the morning's presentations.

  • Coworking Spain Conference: Day One

    Veterans and novices of the coworking world have come together and maxed the Coworking Spain Conference attendance. Two hundred people are expected to attend the 2-day event, held at the two biggest and most well known coworking spaces in Madrid, the Hub and Utopic_us.

  • Support. Play. Win. European Coworking Cup 2012.

    Euro Cup fever will soon sweep the region, drawing hordes of football enthusiasts to the nearest big screen to watch the matches. Some of them will up the ante a little by placing bets and entering football-tipping, including teams of coworkers from across Europe, who will participate in a Euro Cup of their own.

  • Coworking Spain Conference: supporting the national community

    Spain is emerging as one of the world leaders of the coworking movement, with a large number of dedicated spaces per capita and a national visa program in operation. In a further step to push the movement further, this May the first Coworking Spain Conference: "Hasta la Neuva Co Cultura", will take place in Madrid; one of the only national coworking events to ever be held.

  • GCUC Austin: “Bottom of the bell curve”

    The crowd is changing, the topics are professionalizing and the competition is intensifying. The Global Coworking Unconference Conference in Austin was a huge day of information and interaction, where new space owners mixed with experienced operators, and big businesses dropped in to spy on the action. Everyone agreed that the movement is undergoing intense growth and change. As conference director Liz Elam said, “we’re at the bottom of the bell curve.”

  • Coworking Space Ship visits 10 cities

    Ten cities in North America will be visited this March by Deskmag & Deskwanted’s Coworking Space Ship, a traveling mini-conference about the trends and changes in coworking worldwide. Deskmag writers and researchers will give short presentations. These free events are a chance for each city’s coworking enthusiasts to come together to learn, network and organize.

  • Countdown to Austin Unconference

    In just a few weeks, coworking enthusiasts will travel to Austin to take part in the 2012 Global Coworking Unconference Conference. The second U.S. coworking gathering in the Texas capital will be an opportunity for seasoned experts to rub shoulders with new space operators, with topics and tracks catered for both.

  • Worldwide Jellyweek 2012 Countdown

    Worldwide Jellyweek runs from the 16th to the 22nd of January. Over the seven days, a diverse range of events have been organised in a diverse range of spaces, all underpinned by the notions of community and collaboration.

  • Plug: Like Jelly, with a twist

    The collective knowledge and skills of coworkers remains the most under-utilized resource of the coworking movement. One method of tapping into the shared intelligence of a network of individuals is Plug, an event format similar to a Jelly meet-up but with a twist: participants are asked by their host to solve a challenge during their working session. Plug began in Amsterdam one year ago, and is now a weekly event that draws on a network of over 200 individuals.

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