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The 2019 Top Coworking Events

Not sure what coworking industry events you would like to attend in 2019? Learn from failures or get inspired by success stories and enjoy the Indian cuisine in Goa. Discover the latest market trends in Denver's old opera house and explore the surrounding Rocky Mountains. Study how coworking spaces are financed and become sustainable in Gdansk or Alicante and widen your horizon at the sea. Or meet new coworking enthusiasts in Belgrade. All of those events offer a great opportunity to network and many ways to gain your knowledge. Here's a pick of the upcoming industry gatherings.

  • The Top Coworking Events in 2018

    Have you already planned your vacations for this year? Combine some of them with exciting coworking events, extend your trip and turn them into a coworkation! The coworking gatherings are as diverse as the cities where they take place. However, there are two things all those events have in common. They are designed to help people succeed in the coworking business and offer an entertaining way to connect with coworking space experts. Here is a brief summary of the events scheduled so far this year.

  • The Major Coworking Events 2017

    Conferences, meet-ups or bar-camps... in the end it's less about the format and more about the people you meet. Gatherings of the industry are a terrific way to connect with coworking veterans as well as with newbies. This year, they will flock to Chiang Mai, New York City or Sevilla, just to name a few locations of the upcoming events which will take place in Spring. Here's a brief overview.

  • Freelancers are cocreating the future of work

    The recent years have been a big change for freelance professionals all across Europe. The combination of the financial crisis and advancements in technology has made it easier than ever for professionals to work remotely. In early 2015, independent professionals totalled 9,562,800 in the EU-28, making up 29% of all self-employed people, and 4% of the entire EU-28 workforce, according to the IPSE.

  • The Major Coworking Events 2016

    A big coworking event can create new connections and ideas. It's usually a melting spot of knowledge and fun. But it also includes an incredible workload for the organizers. Locations need to be found, topics have to be set-up, speakers to be organized, potential attendees to be informed, sponsors to be convinced... What you can experience within two or three days, is usually a product of months of preparation. However, there are already many coworking events which can be announced for this year. Here's a brief overview.

  • What we can learn about Coworking from the Croatian community

    After 10 years of brainstorming, developing and collaborating, there’s no doubt that coworking is considered to be a crucial part of the transformation of work culture. But it is important that the movement does not forget about those coworking communities which are still developing, not only to lend their support but to also allow them to remind us why we started coworking in the first place. We attended the first coworking conference held in Zadar, Croatia and this is what we learned...

  • These major coworking events will take place in 2015

    Almost 300,000 people have worked in nearly 6000 coworking spaces worldwide by the end of the last year. The coworking movement acquires maturity. This development will be also reflected in more coworking events next year. Asia's first coworking unconference will be held in Bali. The Global Coworking Unconference Conference won't take place only once, but three times, by popping up in Australia and Canada. And Africa will get its first dedicated conference on coworking, in Cape Town. Here is an overview of the upcoming major events on coworking in 2015!

  • Escape Winter to Destination Cowork on Beach

    Many entrepreneurs are opting to build their companies in digital nomad hubs where living costs are low and startup ecosystems are thriving, such as Berlin, Chang Mai, and Ubud. And as the lines between lifestyle and work blur, entrepreneurs are seeking out alternative arrangements for how they create and ideate.

  • Takeoff & Find Your Way To GCUC 2014

    One of the hardest parts about organizing a conference for a bunch of bright, motivated and savvy Entrepreneurs is that you need to pick some overall themes. Last year we went to the European Coworking Conference to participate and to observe. In an Unconference session we learned that the main suggestion for improving Coworking Conferences was to make it more like Coworking and less like a conference. Duh. Seems so obvious but we had never thought of it.

  • ‘Better Work Tour’ hosts innovative workshops for community builders

    Alex Hillman, founder of Indy Hall in Philadelphia and specialist in collaboration and community for cities and businesses is coming to the UK! Alex will be fronting his 'Better Work Tour' which will see him discussing topics of coworking, community building and the likes of how this fast moving functioning trend is quickly changing the game of how and where we work.

  • Deadline Extended for Global Coworking Conference Host City Bids

    With its roots at the SXSW Conference in Austin, TX dating back to 2007, the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) attracted over 300 people from eleven countries in 2013 and is seeking bids for a new city to host the 2014 event. The deadline for proposals is now extended to Friday, August 2.

  • The Evolution of Coworking Conferences

    All of the coworking conferences, unconferences or barcamps happening all over the world, are now taking on a big assignment. They are expected to keep up the momentum within the coworking community, while simultaneously presenting the most current state of the coworking movement. But these trends are changing fast, and it has become difficult to predict what they will be from one year to the next.

  • Coworking, Coliving: towards new lifestyles beyond the border Life / Work

    Are you a hacker looking for an island? A creative who is travelling amongst the new kinds of “monasteries” in Europe? An entrepreneur who enjoys working in the countryside just a few miles from town? Some of you might be experiencing these new life/work environments in the near future. Are you ready to change, not only the way you work, but also your lifestyle? Deskmag attended the OuiShare Fest and was able to watch the debate about this topic.

  • The Coworking Casino - organized by Deskmag & Betahaus

    Ready to share, connect, expand your network and most importantly, have fun? The Coworking Casino will open its doors, to all freelancers and coworking addicts, on May 16th at Betahaus Berlin. Unlike most casinos, you will not go out of this one with empty pockets or stomachs!

  • Coworking gone trade show

    CeBIT is the world’s leading event for digital business, IT and telecommunication. This annual trade show took place on the world’s largest exhibition grounds in Hanover, between the dates of March 5th to the 9th, of this year. There were also tons of high school kids running around in packs, stuffing their pockets with giveaway ballpoint pens, mouse pads and free candy. At the fair's center people could get to know more about coworking.

  • Accomplices, 3D-printers and (unwanted) freedom

    Work in Progress, a conference organized by the Hamburg Creative Society, went into round two on march 1st. “Strategies for the working world of tomorrow,” was the mantra for the long, demanding and very educational weekend at Kampnagel. The event was filled with interesting talks, heated debates and a very involved audience. 9 hours, 5 speeches and 3 panels later, Deskmag is now ready to sum it up for you.

  • Australia’s 1st coworking conference initiate world’s first Coworking Industry Association

    The Coworking Conference Australia was held in Melbourne last week, bringing together space operators from the country’s 62 coworking spaces together to discuss how coworking creates value. Once in the same room, the movement’s leaders committed to the togetherness and sustainable growth of this industry to initiate the formation of the world’s first Coworking Industry Association.

  • NorisCityJam: the Nuremberg spin-off

    Ever heard of a stakeholder map? Or a service blueprint? Then the Global Service Jam 2013 is for you. Here’s to learning what it takes to offer great customer service in your business and how to detect and fulfill your customer’s need. Three parties will profit from the NorisCityJam, the Nuremberg spin-off: the participants, the organizer, and the coworking space. Event organization is a challenging experience, but ultimately rewarding, with long-term benefits.

  • The Global Coworking Movement is Coming Back to Austin

    For the second year running, Texas will host the biggest coworking conference in the world. The Global Coworking Unconference Conference takes place at the Austin Music Hall on March 5 & 6. The GCUC, or “Juicy” as its commonly known, is the most important event of its kind and a bright spot on the calendar of coworking enthusiasts everywhere. The two-day event is split between an organized conference on the first day and an open-format unconference on the second.

  • The different types of cooperation

    Coworking is based on cooperation. This topic, cooperation, is explored in depth in a recent book 'Together" from American sociologist Richard Sennett. Not all forms of cooperation stand for coworking or provide benefits for everyone. We look at what types of collaboration he distinguishes for us, taken from a section of his book.

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