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Coworking in Hamburg

Hamburg is the second biggest city in Germany, next to Berlin. It could be considered Berlin’s prettier and richer little sister. Taking a walk along the harbor as a non-Hamburger, you’re tempted to abandon your life and spend the rest of your days at the harbor stuffing your face with fish sandwiches and Franzbrötchen (a sweet cinnamon-flavored pastry, that makes all your problems magically disappear). But Hamburg has so much more to offer than just this. Even though the coworking space density does not compare with Berlin, coworkers and freelancers still have many options. Deskmag went out to have a closer look at the coworking spaces in the hanseatic city.

  • Coworking in Albuquerque

    Before last year, coworking was largely unknown in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In fact, the city is still in the process of learning about the advantages of the coworking movement. In late summer 2012, a number of coworking spaces popped up, more or less simultaneously, in different parts of the city. The different space try to work alongside one another in order to cultivate coworking culture.

  • Coworking in Seoul

    In a modernized city like Seoul, where traditional values are still the cornerstone of the society, the coworking movement that has seen a rising popularity in Asian economies like Singapore and Hong Kong, is taking a slower growth in the Korean capital. However, for eager hearts that want to make it work, looking for more and better possibilities to build a collaborative community is the key.

  • Coworking Spaces in London: Hoxton

    It has been a while since our last update on coworking spaces in London, so we thought it was time for a series of spotlights on the different boroughs that make the city one of the most vibrant and diverse coworking industries in Europe. We will kick it off by checking out the ever-busy creative confines of Hoxton, London.

  • Coworking in Los Angeles

    Maneuvering the vast urban sprawl of downtown Los Angeles can be a challenge for anyone, vever mind the progressive freelancer in search of a make-shift work station in one of the most spread out cities in the world. Due to the art and movie industry, it also makes L.A an epicenter for creatives and freelancers alike, perfect for a recent transplant in search of a coworking space nearby, preferably with character? Take a skim of the hotspots below, but be sure to google map wisely, as each may not all be traffic-worthy feats depending on locale.

  • Coworking in Hong Kong

    Freelancing can be lonely in Hong Kong, but with more coworking spaces blossoming and an increasing number of Hong Kongers embracing the concept eagerly, this isolation is slowly finding a release into something expansive and enterprising.

  • Coworking in Berlin: Neukölln

    An increasing amount of artists and startups are flocking to Berlin by the day. It seems that every hour that goes by a new set of creative minds is arriving, wide-eyed and hopeful to get a piece of the start-up cake. Yet, this creative renaissance is accompanied by a feeling of disconnect in the working world. Fears in regards to the wide spread gentrification around the city have got some people on edge. Neukölln is a neighborhood, which is experiencing a lot of great changes.

  • Coworking in Williamsburg & Greenpoint, Brooklyn

    Last week Deskmag published an article about coworking in Dumbo Brooklyn. This week we are going to focus on some of the other celebrated neighborhoods found in the area, which are also (surprise surprise) full of awesome coworking spaces.

  • Coworking in Boston & Cambridge

    Boston is an innovative network of entrepreneurs who are eager to collaborate. Overwhelmingly, the founders behind these spaces started them out of personal necessity. These forward thinking entrepreneurs needed a workspace and craved the camaraderie they missed from their previous lives in the corporate world. Their spaces have evolved into a powerful coworking ecosystem. Learn how they’re working to bring Boston and Cambridge to the forefront of the mobile work shift.

  • Start-up cities: London vs. Berlin

    Amidst Europe’s dark economic woes there has been more than a ray of light emanating from some of their tech industries. London has held its position as the reigning start up heavyweight champion of Europe but a plucky contender in the shape of Berlin has emerged with aspirations on the title. Sav D’Souza, a Londoner, who has lived in Berlin the last year muses on the merits of both cities as creative hubs searching for the next Google or Facebook.

  • Under the bridge: Coworking in DUMBO, Brooklyn

    In the late 70’s, Dumbo was given its name in the hopes of deterring developers. As prices skyrocketed in Manhattan, artists and families crossed the river to start a life in Brooklyn. Dumbo is now overflowing with creative talent and tech startups. Many of these up and coming small businesses, startups and artists choose to join a coworking space. Deskmag had the chance to visit Studiomates over the holidays, and also wanted to highlight some of the many coworking opportunities to be found down under the Manhattan Bridge.

  • Coworking in Singapore

    Technology has enabled better access to resources and the vast talent pool around the world. In the tiny island of Singapore, a need for creativity, flexibility and mobility has given birth to its steadily increasing number of coworking spaces – where new ventures and collaborations stir up a storm.

  • Coworking in Warsaw

    Many Polish employees have experienced the western style of work and have become accustomed to western scale income, which has in turn led to different styles of career mapping. The first change relates to employees who are now building their futures within global business organizations. The second difference relates to those who choose to seek prosperity on their own: freelancers & entrepreneurs.

  • This Ain’t a One Horse Town: The Coworking Gold Rush Hits Vegas

    To the millions of tourists who make their way to Las Vegas annually, the city is unexpected, a gilded playground and adult oasis rising out of the one of the hottest deserts on earth. Not many imagine that the people who live here have lives outside of the gaming industry or that there is a developed tech scene and still fewer know that Las Vegas is a turning into a hotbed for coworking activity.

  • Coworking compared in large cities and small towns

    Coworking spaces in small towns are much younger than in big cities, but they are built in a shorter time. The tendency is that the smaller the town, the smaller the space, so it is not surprising that most coworkers in these spaces often know all the names of the other members. In our penultimate part of the Global Coworking Survey, we present the differences between coworking spaces in towns and cities.

  • Coworking in Vienna

    Move over coffee shops! The Viennese have found a better place to work, connect and stay warm: It started around ten years ago when the first flexible and community oriented shared workspaces started to pop up; a precursor to the coworking spaces that dot the city today. We attended the birthday bash of the "Mother of all Viennese Coworking Spaces" and a big handful of other coworking spaces in the majestic capital..

  • Coworking spaces & the demand for private offices

    Coworking spaces are more than just offices. They represent mixed-use spaces that connect people, and in-built in their operations are things which satisfy these aims: events, workshops, Fablabs. All spaces do these things differently, with models changing depending on the needs of coworkers. Even when this need stipulates offices, which professionals can close and lock behind them.

  • Coworking in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam has a fairly sizable population with around 800,000 inhabitants living in an area of around 220 square kilometers, so it’s no wonder that coworking spaces are wildly popular amongst the city’s burgeoning entrepreneurial and freelancer scene. Here’s a snapshot of some of the Dutch capital’s facilites.

  • Coworking in Kyoto

    Introducing coworking in the former capital Kyoto, a city enriched with over 1,200 years of history. Eliciting images of temples and geisha wearing kimono, the city is marked by a notably high number of foreign visitors and residents looking for the traditional heart of Japan. The city's coworking culture naturally reflects this eclectic environment, distinguishing itself from the rest of Japan and the world.

  • Coworking in Madrid

    When looking for a coworking space in Madrid, a freelancer, employee or startup should first decide if they want to work in a large or boutique space - or something in between. The Spanish capital offers all kind of choices for you. While there are some coworking spaces that mix all kinds of freelancers, some specializing on particular sectors have also appeared.

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