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Coworking in Europe 2018

Whilst membership numbers and area are increasing in European coworking spaces, their popularity is slightly decreasing. Do large spaces with more members, private offices and employees lead to worse ratings among members? Yes, but less than expected. Surprisingly, it’s smaller coworking spaces in particular that are becoming much less popular. Read on to find out more about this trend as well as other developments in the European coworking scene.

  • Quick Facts about the UK’s Coworking Spaces

    The UK’s coworking market has stood out from the European average in many ways since the coworking movement began. For example, its coworking spaces host more members and many chains have been active long before WeWork entered the market. These developments are mainly influenced by London’s rapidly growing number of coworking spaces. Outside of London, the UK’s coworking industry is similar to other countries. This article covers some quick facts about the UK's coworking spaces.

  • The Evolution of UK Coworking Spaces Outside of London

    The coworking movement in the UK is migrating out from major cities as demand grows for professional work spaces in smaller towns and suburbs, removing the necessity for remote workers to commute into city centres and boosting regional economies. The factors influencing this shift include changing working situations, urbanisation and greater internet connectivity. This article focuses on the maturing local scene where remote workers are benefiting from collaborating with other likeminded businesses at inspiring venues.

  • The Rise of Coworking Spaces in Africa

    Africa is presently experiencing a dynamic increase in the coworking industry and I think it would continue to grow compared to what we have seen, since its inception in the mid-2000. Just within a decade, there are over 250 coworking spaces in Africa, with 80% of these spaces springing up in the last 3 years. This exponential growth is attributed to 70% of the total population of Africa which are the millennials. Here’s an overview of how the coworking industry is doing in some African countries.

  • The Key to London’s Coworking Success

    London is a melting pot of all kinds of businesses, and workers in the city are increasingly turning to coworking spaces. With insights from Deskmag’s recent survey and London businesspeople, we decided to find out why coworking spaces have such an appeal in the UK’s capital.

  • Coworking in Providence, Rhode Island

    Those who are not familiar with United States geography might have never heard of Rhode Island. The smallest state in the country is often confused with Long Island, which is in New York, or tends to conjure up an image of some sleepy little New England town that you might have seen once on a postcard. Yet in reality, Providence is one of the liveliest creative hubs in the country, and the little city's coworking scene is on the rise!

  • Coworking in Riga - Latvia

    Latvia is a Northern European country that keeps welcoming you, no matter what you are after – culture, nature or business. It is also a place where coworking seems to be developing as a new work model for freelancers and startups, and the capital city Riga stands in the middle of it to ensure that everyone’s taste is satisfied. So, what is the profile of Riga? Let’s take a ride to find out the most interesting work spots in the city!

  • Myanmar's First Coworking Space: Project HUB Yangon

    The coworking movement has spread like wildfire in recent years, and as a result we are finding coworking spaces popping up in every corner of the world, from tropical islands, to once forgotten industrial spaces. Today the coworking movement is quickly becoming the dominant creative approach to the self-employed workforce. Recently, Deskmag stumbled upon a coworking space that is the very first of its kind in Myanmar’s capital city, Yangon.

  • Coworking in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Bulgaria has always been a country with many faces. Throughout the long history of the country there have been many turns and twists, which have shaped the nation that lives there today. Newly found companies are increasing and at the end of the day protests are organized and visited by the young and spirited people, all intertwined in a strive for a better future. This vibe that has set upon Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, has pushed us, the people who do business here, to tell you more about the country and why we are eager to see you at our coworking places.

  • Coworking in Nashville, Tennessee

    By all accounts, Nashville, Tennessee, has been on a great run recently. It’s got a hit TV show named after it, a bustling healthcare and music industry, and both The New York Times and Forbes have named it a top city in which to live. Jack White, Nicole Kidman and Johnny Depp all have homes there. It welcomes over 10 million tourists per year to its bustling downtown and authentic honky-tonk bars. And it has no state income tax, a fact that drives many business and entrepreneurs to relocate there. So how vibrant are the freelancing and coworking sectors in this up-and-coming city? Lets find out.

  • Serbia's Coworking Pioneers

    Serbia lies at the crossroads of Europe, connecting East and West with a diverse mix of cultures. The landscape is sprinkled with medieval churches and fortresses, and the capital city, Belgrade, rests on the banks of the Danube. Yet the country is facing scarily high unemployment rates, especially amongst young people. Three young entrepreneurs in Serbia have decided to take matters into their own hands, and address the future of work in their country through the coworking and incubator models.

  • Gamers and Alley cats: Coworking the Toronto Way

    Toronto is the metropolis of Canada. A city with 6 million people, pigeons and condos, which seem to constantly multiply when your back is turned. Facing onto Lake Ontario, just a five-hour drive from Detroit, and a 1 hour flight to New York City, be sure to check out the Toronto Island Airport and, of course, the eclectic coworking scene.

  • Coworking in Washington DC, the Nation’s Capital.

    Coworking in Washington D.C. may sound a bit unnecessary. Don’t all the lobbyists and lawmakers already work in giant blocks of grey concrete on Capital Hill? While you may think of D.C. as a city of politicians, policy wonks and paper-pushers, it is actually home to a surprising number of coworking spaces. What’s more, they are increasingly modern and innovative.

  • Old Spaces, New Ideas

    Coworking Spaces and the reinvention of the US Midwest—With the mention of coworking spaces one usually thinks of large, tech savvy cities that have always been in the world spotlight, such as New York City or London. But as the coworking movement has spread, it has now caught the interest of smaller cities. In the US Midwest coworking spaces have begun to open, largely in parallel with the evolution of the tech industry, driving the development of new industries in the US Midwest.

  • Disco Balls and Altar Meetings: Coworking in the Nordics

    The Nordics has got a bad rap – at least, their weather does. If you're in Oslo in January, there may be an insurmountable snowstorm. But if you're in Helsinki in June, you'll find 24-hours of sunlight during midsummer season. Just as it is constant midnight during winter, the sun doesn't fully set in the summer. Deskmag looks up – way up – into the Nordic coworking scene. From Reykjavik to Malmo, here is a peek inside some of the coolest, business traveler-friendly coworking spaces found up North.

  • Coworking in Brazil

    Brazil is one of the fastest growing economic realities in the world today. Coworking is also on the rise and presents itself to be a complex network of work environments within a dynamic market. Through a recent study conducted by Brazil’s workstyle magazine, Movebla, we can now explore different parts of this multilayered movement in figures. Deskmag also asked some operators how they personally came in touch with coworking in Brazil.

  • Coworking in Mexico

    Mexico is far more than just tacos and Frida Kahlo. In fact, Mexico is known for being the second largest trading partner of the US, after Canada. The 13th largest nation in the world with 50% of the population under the age of 29. Needless to say, their startup scene is growing, and since Deskmag covered coworking in Mexico two years ago, we have seen some changes that indicate a bright future for the coworking scene.

  • Exercise Bikes & Tightropes: Coworking in Moscow & St. Petersburg

    Russia is the biggest country in the world, populating one-eighth of the Earth’s landmass, spans across nine time zones, bridging Scandinavia and Asia. Over in the west, Russia’s two largest cities take hold. Deskmag takes a peek inside the coworking spaces of St. Petersburg and Moscow to find a thriving scene in both cities.

  • Coworking Aperitivo: Spaces in Milan

    Intimate, vast, directly next to the train station and located in the design district, which is fashion oriented, specialized in start-up digital marketing, music and graphic arts, is where you will find the best of Milan's co-working spaces. In our quest to portray the diversity and richness of the coworking movement, Deskmag visited five extremely different spaces in order to give you a taste of an Italian coworking appetizer (or in Milanese, an aperitivo).

  • Creative coworking in Berlin: 3 of city's hottest spots

    Admit it: Coworking can get boring sometimes – that is, unless, you are getting creative with you coworking. Far from traditional coworking, some of the creative coworking spaces in Berlin offer perks that are off the charts – free exhibition space, clown workshops, jungle rooms, office mascots and retro mini-blinds.Deskmag takes a tour inside a few creative coworking spaces the city has to offer.

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