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La Bellevilloise, the venue for the first two days

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The Coworking Europe Conference begins in a few days. Three hundred participants will fly, bus and drive in from all over the world to meet at the third edition of the European conference, held this year in Paris. More than 50 panels, workshops, barcamp sessions and parties are planned over the three days, from the 8-10th of November. For those attending, here are some preparation tips for the event; for those who are not able to attend, some ways to interact from afar.


The events during the first two days will be held in La Bellevilloise, a building of a former workers' cooperative, in the east of Paris. If you are travelling by Métro, take line 3 to La Gambetta station and take exit 4 (Sortie Martin Nadaud). There, conference staff will escort you to the event building, on rue Boyer 21. Registration begins on the 8th at 9am.

When you’re in the city and are looking to save on paying for an internet connection, download Pocket for your smartphone before you leave. This app ‘pockets’ all your desired web pages you’ll need to reference during the Coworking Europe Conference and stores them in an application. You can access them anywhere without internet, even in the subway.

The events

The conference will take place on the first day. It will begin with the presentation of the initial results of the third Global Coworking Survey, which will be online for participants to take until the 6th November, 2012. It’s a global survey, so all are invited and encouraged to respond.

On the second day, participants decide the discussion topics. As with last year and the year prior, some came prepared with presentations or already had pressing questions in mind. Those people can already add their ideas to a Google Doc, in the case that they’re too swept up by the action on the day.

The Barcamp offers space for up to 30 subjects (6 sessions in 5 rooms). If there are special requirements for presentations, or if you'd like more information before preparing a session, please get in touch with Julianne Becker. Issues and proposals that overlap considerably will be summarized into a single session so they may reach a larger group.

The tours

The third day begins with two workshops in two different coworking spaces: La Cantine and Mutinerie. At 1:30pm, the six coworking tours (Map by Deskwanted, 6MB) will begin from these two locations, which will show participants a selection of 15 of Paris’ coworking and collaborative workspaces.

Participation is free and open to all, but those who attend should make sure to purchase a day-pass for the Paris Métro prior to the tour’s commencement. Sign-up for the tours will be available on the first and second day of the conference. They can also be viewed in advance on Trip Line.

The Parties

It’s no conference without a party! This year, there are two: the Community Builder Master Party will happen on Friday at 9pm at Red House, where Tony Bacigalupo of New Work City and Alex Hillman of Indyhall will share their know-how with all. The party is open to everyone, even those without a Coworking Europe Conference Ticket. Please register your attendance here.

The Coworking Europe closing party, also starting at 9pm, will take place a day later in Le Palm.

The Social Networks

Even if you're not in Paris, you can take part in Coworking Europe. Network and interact with the participants online using OleaPark. Follow live tweets using the hashtag #CoworkingEU. Audio recordings of the events on the first day will be released following the conference. Deskmag will also report directly from the conference on the 8th and 9th, and note-takers will be present at all events, ensuring no word of wisdom is missed.


Coworking Europe Conference, Nov 8-10, 2012, Paris

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