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Growing everyday, the coworking movement is recognized as the future of office workers. After the New Year many more people start coworking. Thus it's good time to start with events to introduce to coworking spaces - globally & locally. For this, the Worldwide Jellyweek in January is a perfect fit for operators and people who would like to join a coworking space. A few weeks later, two central meet-ups of the coworking movement will take place in Austin & Melbourne. Here's some information about what's coming up and where you can get your early bird tickets before prices rise for GCUC and CCA.

Here are the major coworking events of the first ten weeks in 2013:

Worldwide JellyWeek 

The cool thing about this event is that it works decentralized. It will take place in your neighbourhood, but with a global impact. In January 2012 there were 223 jellies hosted in 35 countries in 6 continents. The philosophy of the Worldwide JellyWeek is guided by the principles of self-organization. That means letting the topics completely emerge from the interests and dreams of the local and worldwide community. It's also a perfect opportunity to introduce people to coworking spaces at the beginning of the year. 

Ummh, but what exactly is a Jelly? The term is used for casual, episodical events focused on coworking. These meet-ups take place in spaces, which could be anything from an art gallery, café - or, of course, a coworking space. Jellies allow interested, novice and seasoned coworkers to get together and work. It’s a way to make some good contacts, get some inspiration and a chance to try something different. 

If you have an idea for a meet up, simply register online. Plan an event in your local community and then sign-up via the online portal to jellies happening worldwide and start connecting on a global scale. These events are temporary and are open to people from every field.

Events are already being posted everyday. Some, like GELATINA in Barcelona, offer an open house, massages, Ping-Pong, and a chance to connect and learn more about their space and coworking in general. 

Admission: free! The earlier you register, the more time you have to plan your jelly event(s).

Worldwide JellyWeek’s registration is now open, and running from January 14-20, 2013

Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC)

The second edition of GCUC (pronounced “juicy”) is coming back to Austin in March, right before SXSW - one of the biggest festivals for music, movies and interactive events - will take over the Texas capital. 

GCUC plays again with the idea of having a scheduled and an unscheduled program, but this year the "conference" and "unconference" will be seperated. By adding a second day, GCUC is growing by 100% in one year - much like the coworking movement!

Compared to last year, the conference track on March 5th will focus more on advanced topics. Discussions will look at the role in connecting members as community managers or discussing the growth in spaces that are more specialized. Other event panels will focus on designing a space that invites collaboration, how to handle social media and much much more…

However, GCUC is also great place for people who are interested but relatively unfamiliar with coworking. On the second day, March 6th, you can expect even more diverse topics, from beginners to experts. Just bring your idea to the Unconference day. There will be plenty of room for presentations and talks. 

GCUC has an interesting dress code: "If you don't have a shirt you better have great abs and a cowboy hat on." as stated on their website - followed by "Please wear deodorant". The "juciest event of 2013" can also become hot. It's Texas, Baby!

Get your early bird ticket for US$150

GCUC, March 5th & 6th, 2013, Austin 

Coworking Conference Australia (CCA)

The number of coworking spaces in Australia has quintupled during the last two years: more than 500%. Now it's time for bigger events to bring movers and shakers together to push the Australian coworking community into the further realms of common understanding and awareness.

At a very affordable price, the Coworking Conference Australia in Melbourne will consist of two days, starting on March 1st. The conference, like GCUC, will discuss how the coworking movement benefits freelancers, small businesses, (and also large corporations), but more from an Australian perspective. Since it's the first Coworking Conference of its kind Downunder, it will also include some topics for beginners by centering their thoughts on questions like 'What is a coworking space? Or how can coworking spaces maximize the benefits they bring to a range of professional spheres?'

Yet you don't only talk about coworking spaces, you also can talk in them. The conference is hosted by Hub Melbourne & Inspire 9, two coworking spaces of the 1st generation in Melbourne. The CCA is also organized by Deskwanted. Since two of the team members are Australians, it was just a matter of time until they decided to co-organize a conference on Coworking in their home country.

A few days before Coworking will be served by the beach, as a temporary space for festival-goers of Bleach to gather and take part in workshops and presentations. 

Get your early bird ticket for AU$80

CCA, March 1st & 2nd, 2013, Melbourne


Of course, there are another thousands of places where coworking events take place. Check the coworking spaces in your neighborhood and see what they've planned for you. 

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