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The year 2010 was the first year for Deskmag, and as it draws to a close it's a good opportunity to look at the stories which our readers considered most interesting since we started in August. Take a look at the Top10 list of our readers.

The top story, according to readers, was the results of the first coworker survey in Berlin - unsurprising, perhaps, since it had been the first-ever study of its kind, and reached great interest to both coworking space operators and users.

Second-most interesting was the review of coworking spaces in Berlin. Following that, readers wanted to know the seven tips for running a successful coworking space.

Otherwise, readers seemed interested in studies in general, such as participating in the first ever global coworking survey. The story about the launch of the global survey was the fourth-most read story on Deskmag this year.

The stories from failed coworking spaces were also of interest, coming in at fifth place. After that, readers wanted to know the results from the first study of price comparisons between coworking spaces and traditional offices, carried out by Deskwanted, the global coworking search system.

Deskmag also raised some controversial questions, such as whether the coworking business model is viable. This was the seventh most interesting story of the year, according to readers. Another controversial story - the suggestions from an Italian coworking space owner about how to extract more profit from the coworking movement - came in at eighth place.

There was also some interest in developing futuristic furniture and design ideas for coworking spaces, and in the secret world of creative private workspaces, which climbed on the 9th and 10th rank of our most read stories.

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