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The Major Coworking Events 2017

GCUC USA belongs to one of the longest-running and largest coworking gatherings, and is taking New York City in 2017.

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GCUC - The world's largest coworking conference
Coworking Retreat, May 8-12, 2017, Barcelona
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Conferences, meet-ups or bar-camps... in the end it's less about the format and more about the people you meet. Gatherings of the industry are a terrific way to connect with coworking veterans as well as with newbies. This year, they will flock to Chiang Mai, New York City or Sevilla, just to name a few locations of the upcoming events which will take place in Spring. Here's brief overview.

This article is continously updated, starting with the next event which will take place. Past events can be found at the end of this article. 

Social Workplaces

A series of boutique conferences covering topis on flexibe and social workspaces
Where? The next ones will take place in Paris (April 17, 2017) and London (June 2017)
How much? €450 (Paris), early bird & regular tickets are not available anymore
Language? Official language of the location
Established: in 2015

America's #1 coworking conference

Claim: "A worldwide explosion of coworking awesomeness"
When? May 5-7, 2017
Where? New York City, USA
Where exactly? Convene at 117 West 46th Street
How much? Early bird tickets: US$300 (2 days), US$400 (3 days, incl. GCUC Camp)
No. of attendees last year: around 300
Language? English
Established: in 2012 (replaced its barcamp predecessor which was held in 2011)

Coworking Spain Conference
Claim: "La Industria Del Coworking"
When? May 11-12, 2017
Where? Sevilla, Spain
Where exactly? Edificio Crea, C/ JOSÉ GALÁN MERINO S/N
How much? €180 (until April 30)
Language? Spanish
Established: in 2011

OuiShareFest Paris
Claim: "Exploring the Edges"
When? July 5-7, 2017
Where? Paris, France
Where exactly? Les Magasins généraux
How much? Early bird: €250 (or €50, application required)
Language? English
Established: in 2013

GWA Coworking Conference 2017
The longest running conference on flexible workspaces
When? September 11-13, 2017 
Where? Miami (Beach), USA
Where exactly? 1 Hotels South Beach, 2341 Collins Avenue
How much? t.b.a.
Language? English
Established: by the Global Workspace Association (GWA) which will host this event for the 31st time.

Coworking Europe 2017
The original of its kind and one of the largest gatherings of the global coworking movement

When? November 8-10, 2017
Where? Dublin
Where exactly? Croke Park Stadium, Jones’ Rd, Drumcondra
How much? Early bird: €245 (until July 15th), €375 (until September 15th), €485 (until October 31th), €540 (last minute)
Language? English
Established: in 2010

More upcoming events with dates and more infos to be announced soon:

Coworking Africa
Africa's international coworking gathering
When? April or May 2017
Where? t.b.a.
How much? t.b.a.
Language? English
Established: in 2015

GCUC Australia
When? June 2017
Where? Melbourne, Australia
How much? t.b.a.
Language? English
Established: in 2015

People at Work Summit
When? t.b.a.
Where? Online - worldwide
How much? t.b.a.
Language? English
Established: in 2017

GCUC Canada
When? October 2017
Where? Vancouver, Canada
How much? t.b.a.
Language? English
Established: in 2015

CU India
When? November 15-18, 2017
Where? Goa, India
How much? t.b.a.
Language? English
Established: in 2017

CowoShare #5
When? Fall 2017
Where? Usually in Milan, Italy
How much? t.b.a.
Language? Italian

GCUC China
When? December 2017
Where? t.b.a., China
How much? t.b.a.
Language? Chinese
Established: in 2015

Is your national or global coworking event not listed? Send us a note.


Past events:

Coworking in Hungary
When? January 25-26, 2017
Where? Budapest, Hungary
Where exactly? Loffice, 55 Paulay Ede St, 1061 Budapest
How much? Free, but registration is required
Language? Hungarian, English
Established: in 2017

CU ASIA 2017
Asia's largest conference on coworking 
Claim: "Exploring the intersection of work"
When? February 8-12, 2017
Where? Chiang Mai, Thailand
Where exactly? Brick Space (Thailand Conference), Punspace (Academy), Khum Khum Kham Center (Conference)
How much? U$225 (2 days, pure conference), most of other days are already sold out
No. of attendees last year: 230
Language? English
Established: in 2015

Coworking Now
Poland's first conference on coworking
When? March 16 & 17, 2017
Where? Gdańsk, Poland
Where exactly? O4 Coworking (Olivia Business Centre)
How much? Zł190
Language? English, Polish
Established: in 2017

Cowork 2017
Germany's official coworking meet-up
When? March 31 - April 2, 2017
Where? Leipzig, Germany
Where exactly? Day 1&3 at Social Impact Lab Leipzig, Day 2 at Basislager Coworking
How much? €75 (early bird),€99 (full price)
Language? German, English
Established: in 2014 (replaced the Coworking Barcamp Germany which started in 2011)

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