The Major Coworking Events 2016

One of the event spaces of the CU Asia at the Green School Bali.

The 1st Online Conference on Coworking: People at Work Summit
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A big coworking event can create new connections and ideas. It's a melting spot of shared knowledge and fun. But it also includes an incredible workload for the organization team behind. Locations need to be found, topics have to be set-up, speakers to be organized, potential attendees to be informed, sponsors to be convinced, accommodation, food, flights... It's an endless list and, in between, some nails need to be polished as well. What you can experience within two or three days, is usually a product of many months of preparation. However, there are already some major coworking events which can be announced for the new year. Here's a brief overview.

People at Work Summit

Have you ever taken part in an online conference? This will be the first one on coworking and related topics. Unlike other conferences, it also tries to focus more on the needs and perspectives of members of coworking spaces. The get-together will run for 24 hours! All participants can also download the whole summit as souvenir for an extra fee of US$30.
When? April 21, 2016 (April 20-22, depending on your time zone)
Where? Online, you will receive a link with a 24hrs access
How much? US$99 (For every 10 tickets they sell, they’re giving away one full priced scholarship)
Language? English


The Global Coworking Conference Unconference USA is one of the two most popular coworking conferences worldwide, and the ideal spot to socialize with many coworking operators, service providers and coworking newbies from the US and around the world. The event is divided into four tracks. On the first day, newbies will get an 101 introduction into coworking, the second day will provide you with a pre-organized agenda, and the topics of the third day can be proposed by you. Eat and drink a lot on the last day, the metro area of LA is not only quite huge, but also offers a very wide range of coworking spaces which you can choose from a tour.
When? May 3-6, 2016
Where? In Los Angeles at the Steel Case Work Life Center
How much? US$400
Language? English

Coworking Spain Conference

For the fifth time, the event will open its doors to coworking enthusiats from Spain, and people who like to talk about Coworking in Spanish. This time it will be hosted in the event hall of CREC, a coworking space in Barcelona. An agenda will be published soon. CSC offers some coworking tours a day before the conference will begin. CREC is also a practical starting point for other tours. The cable car to the Montjuïc is located nearby, at the Paral·lel metro station.
When? May 19-21, 2016
Where? In Barcelona at CREC 
How much? Starting at €130 (Early Bird) up to €195 (Last Minute)
Language? Spanish

GCUC China

According to the organizers, the first Global Coworking Unconference Conference in China was attended by 600 people last December, and became a major event right from the beginning. The Chinese government lately initiated a change in their economic policy by empowering new services and technologies, rather than the old low-cost industry. And coworking spaces can profit from this change. There's no agenda announced yet, but the second GCUC China will take place in Beijing.
When? First week of August
Where? Bejing  
How much? tba
Language? Chinese

Workshift 2016

When? August 2016
Where? In Durham, tba  
How much? tba
Language? English
More details will be announced soon. Meanwhile you can enjoy videos of Durham's most entertaining bridge.

GCUC Australia 

When? First week of September 
Where? In Melbourne, tba 
How much? tba
Language? English
More details will be announced soon.

GCUC Canada

When? First week of October 
Where? In Montreal, tba 
How much? tba
Language? English
More details will be announced soon.

Global Workspace Association Conference & Trade Show

It will be the 30th annual get-together of the GWA. The conference usually attracts many people from the traditional workspace industry, most of them are from small business centers. This has changed slightly over the past years by integrating more topics which focus on coworking spaces. Two new directors of the associaton are also founders of coworking spaces. And this year, the conference will also be produced by a former operator of a coworking space. It's a promosing mix which you can attend, as long as you don't get lost in the entertainment zoo of Las Vegas.
When? September 28 - October 1, 2016
Where? In Las Vegas at the Four Seasons Hotel
How much? tba
Language? English

Coworking Europe

This event can certainly be called the longest running coworking get-together, which started in Brussels in 2010. It's also the most popular event next to GCUC USA and GCUC ChinaAttended by the most international crowdmainly but not only from Europe, it usually shows up in November in a major European city. Check the website for updates and Early Bird Tickets. The details are usually announced in May.

Past coworking events:

Coworking Africa

The first bigger coworking event of the new year is returning to South Africa. For the second time, the African movement will meet in Cape Town, the coworking capital of the continent. African topics about coworking will be in the limelight of this event. The meet-up is the most ambitous one for the organizers among the major events. Despite the fact, that Africa has a rapidly growing coworking movement, it's still the smallest and most fragmented one of all continents, considering the variety of African countries. On the other hand, this is what makes Coworking Africa so unique. 
When? February 5, 2015
Where? In Cape Town at The Design Bank 
How much? R800 (= ca. US$ 50) 
Language? English

The Coworking Unconference Asia (CU Asia)

The most exotic coworking event will be held in Bali - without walls and windows. Unlike the name may suggest, the meet-up doesn't focus on Asian topics only. It also could be called 'C U in Asia'. The coworking movement is quite universal as are the three main topics of the first day: "work well", "work smart" and "work where", Asian flavored. The last topic blends coworking with the growing movement of digital 'knowmads'. The second day will be programmed by the attendees. A few days before, people can book a 'Coworking 101' workshop. Another day is dedicated to the Indonesian coworking movement. You can leave Bali after exploring the island on the excursion day.
When? February 24-28, 2016
Where? On Bali (between Ubud and Denpasar) at the Green School Bali 
How much? Starting at US$ 175 (Standard Mid Price for 2 days until Jan 15), some offers also include accommodation
Language? English

GCUC South America

Brazil is the hotspot for coworking spaces in South America, and São Paulo can be called its heart. Surprisingly, there hasn't been a big coworking meet-up organized there yet. This gap will be filled in March with the South American edition of GCUC. The program will provide a conference and unconference stream. One day will also guide you to coworking spaces in São Paulo. The specific agenda is about to be announced soon.
When? March 3-4, 2016
Where? In São Paulo at the Faculty of Architecture & Urbanism (FAU) of the Cidade Universitária (USP)
How much? R$450 + R$10 ticket fee (until Jan 10) (ca. US$115)
Language: Portuguese, Spanish, English (with simultaneous translation)

Cowork 2016 (Germany)

Germany is quite decentrally organized compared to other countries, and that also can describe the organization behind the 'Cowork'. What once began as a barcamp in Wuppertal in 2011, and hosted in Stuttgart last time, is heading to Hamburg this year. Unlike other conferences, the Cowork was organized as a not-for-profit event by different and devoted coworking pioneers each year, with support of local governments. It's now coordinated under the umbrella of a common association, the German Coworking Federation. And this year, the entire event will be held in a coworking space. 
When? March 11-13, 2016
Where? In Hamburg at SHHARED (The double 'H' stands for Hansestadt Hamburg)
How much? €90,75 (Early Bird until Feb 29, 2015), €119,79
Language? German

Coworking Switzerland

The national coworking meet-up will be held in Spring, probably in April 2016. Check the website for regular updates.

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