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The Major Coworking Events 2016

One of the event spaces of the CU Asia at the Green School Bali.

WorkTech Berlin 2016 - Explore The Future Of Work And The Workplace
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A big coworking event can create new connections and ideas. It's a melting spot of shared knowledge and fun. But it also includes an incredible workload for the organization team behind. Locations need to be found, topics have to be set-up, speakers to be organized, potential attendees to be informed, sponsors to be convinced, accommodation, food, flights... It's an endless list and, in between, some nails need to be polished as well. What you can experience within two or three days, is usually a product of many months of preparation. However, there are already many major coworking events which can be announced for this year. Here's brief overview.

This article is continously updated, starting with the next event which will take place. Past events can be found at the bottom of this article. 

Coworking Switzerland

The national coworking meet-up will be held in June. This time, the organizers decided to run the whole meet-up as an unconference. There's no admission for attendees, but a registration is required.
When? June 28, 2016
Where? Ville de Fribourg, at the Safe Gallery BCF
How much? free
Language? English

Worktech Berlin

Worktech is a long running series of conferences around the globe which aims to discover and discuss the future of work. The topics focus stronger on the tech and design elements of workplaces compared to other conferences. Coworking is just one topic among others. However, this year's edition in Berlin will be the first one which is also hosted at a location with a coworking space.
When? July 6, 2016
Where? Berlin, at the Factory Berlin
How much? £269 (Early Bird, yes in Pound Sterling), €499 (Standard ticket)
Language? English

Workshift 2016

When? August 2016
Where? In Durham, at the PSI Theatre
How much? tba
Language? English
More details will be announced soon. Meanwhile you can enjoy videos of Durham's most entertaining bridge.

GCUC China

According to the organizers, the first Global Coworking Unconference Conference in China was attended by 600 people last December, and became a major event right from the beginning. The Chinese government lately initiated a change in their economic policy by empowering new services and technologies, rather than the old low-cost industry. And coworking spaces can profit from this change. There's no agenda announced yet, but the second GCUC China will take place in Beijing.
When? September 8, 9 & 10, 2016
Where? Bejing  
How much? tba
Language? Chinese

Coworking India

The first Coworking India conference connects Indian digital communities with startup ecosystems. The two-day-event is dedicated to storytelling, discussions, sharing of best practices, co­creation workshops, peer to peer learning, and, of course, the chance to build up and collaborate on new exciting projects. With an estimated 15 million freelancers working across the country, India is second largest state of active independent workers worldwide. Making it a perfect environment to foster a new coworking industry. And coworking spaces play a vital role to support the development of the Startup Nation that India is now. The conference is organized by Social Workplace (the team behind Coworking Europe), CoworkIn and HubDhaka.
When? September 9 & 10, 2016
Where? New Delhi, at the MTV Flyp Cafe
How much? Early birds can pick a ticket for ₹ 4250 (expires on June 30)
Language? English

CU India

When? September 28 - October 1, 2016
Where? In Goa, tba
How much? Prices start at US$100 (Early bird tickets are available until June 30, 2016)
Language? English
More details will be announced soon.

The Global Workspace Association Conference & Trade Show

It will be the 30th annual get-together of the GWA. The conference usually attracts many people from the traditional workspace industry, most of them are from small business centers. This has changed slightly over the past years by integrating more topics which focus on coworking spaces. Two new directors of the associaton are also founders of coworking spaces. And this year, the conference will also be produced by a former operator of a coworking space. It's a promosing mix which you can attend, as long as you don't get lost in the entertainment zoo of Las Vegas.
When? September 28 - October 1, 2016
Where? In Las Vegas at the Four Seasons Hotel 
How much? Starting at US$ 899
Language? English

GCUC Canada

When? First week of October 
Where? In Montreal, tba 
How much? tba
Language? English
More details will be announced soon.


When? First week of November 
Where? In Singapore, tba 
How much? tba
Language? English
More details will be announced soon.

Coworking Europe 2016 

This event can certainly be called the longest running coworking get-together, which started in Brussels in 2010 and will return to Europe's capital this year. It's also the most popular event next to GCUC USA and GCUC ChinaAttended by the most international crowdmainly but not only from Europe.
When? November 28 - 30, 2016
Where? In Brussels at BEL Brussels.
How much? Early bird tickets are available until July 15, 2016 for € 225
Language? English

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