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DM: What do you see in future for New Worker Magazine?

MM: We want to establish the value of coworking, both for those inside it and those that haven't yet discovered it. Through storytelling, we can show the utility, variety, and richness of coworking communities, and also foster a shared identity among coworkers. Coworking is a global phenomenon and our numbers double every year, yet most coworking communities are local and don't explicitly connect with others.

We see massive potential if we come together and it starts by each of us recognizing that we belong to a diverse group of likeminded people. In the long run, we anticipate incorporating makerspaces, hackerspaces, incubators, accelerators, and other open collaborative work institutions. I foresee a social collaboration platform taking hold in the next few years that will be a game-changer.

DM: As a coworker do you utilize publications like Deskmag (or New Worker)?

MM: I do read Deskmag, but recognize not every coworker is going to be interested in the industry or in the movement. Some will, and it's those people who may come to play a role in how their space works. That can make a huge difference. Coworkers are part of something bigger, whether they recognize it or not. Coworking will continue to grow and change until it becomes an everyday institution alongside more traditional workplaces. It probably will not look like it does now. Publications dedicated to coworking can serve to not just promote members or spaces, but to shape the movement and industry itself.

DM: Now that the magazine is launched, what kinds of stories are you looking for?

MM: We're looking for content partners, sponsors, and new contributors. We want to continue with a wide variety of voices and we'd like to take on more columnists and writers. We encourage members and managers to let us know what's going on at their spaces. Stories from individual coworking spaces may fit an existing piece we're working on, or may warrant being covered on its own.


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