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Community Building in Coworking Spaces, a Social Media Week event last year in Berlin.

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There are a lot of events going on this summer for coworking spaces and their members alike. Summer is a time for being expansive, even if you don't have the opportunity to take a vacation. Beat the slow period and holiday in your own city by attending events and expanding your networks. Here are a few events that are taking place this summer in cities around the world: get in to the summer swing, meet people and share your knowledge.

Coworking Summer (Germany)

If you’re in Germany, you’ll know this summer left a lot to be desired. But for those who live and work here, fear not, for summer is coming late this year. Coworking Summer will kick off on August 1st, with ten German coworking spaces launching special offers and events for one month, providing an opportunity to introduce coworking and members to new faces.

Coworking Stuttgart initiated a similar campaign last summer between spaces in southern Germany. This year, Combinat 56 (Munich), Cowo 21 (Darmstadt), Coworking Königstein, Founders Hub (Munich), Gasmotorenfabrik (Cologne), Heimathafen (Wiesbaden), Work and Friends (Mainz) and betahaus in Berlin take part in it. To join, visit coworking 0711.

Coworking Summer, August 1-31, 2012, in Germany


San Diego Coworking Week (USA)

Six coworking spaces of the San Diego Coworking Alliance have teamed up to host the city’s first Coworking Week. Over five days, local coworking spaces will open their doors for free coworking, and each space will host special events and promotions. It’s a great way to promote the individual spaces and the relationships between them. The week will wind down (or up?) with a Friday night happy hour from 5-7pm at Hotel Indigo’s rooftop bar and lounge.

Better yet, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders has passed the San Diego Coworking Alliance’s proclamation of August 9th as San Diego Coworking Day, so there’s even more of a reason to get involved in the action. The 9th of August marks the day when 'Coworking' as movement 'officially' started

The San Diego Alliance isn't the only one to celebrate this day, however. To celebrate international coworking day the Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance is having a coworking party/backyard BBQ at SCSA-member space Collective Self, because what better way to celebrate coworking and Summer with a backyard grill-off?

Coworking Week, August 6-10, 2012, San Diego
RSVP to the Coworking Week happy hour here

Collective Self Coworking BBQ, August 9th, Central District, 954 21st Avenue, Seattle
RSVP on twitter @collectiveself 


Coworking Barcamp (Germany)

Again in Germany, space operators will come together to discuss a range of industry-related topics in the second annual Coworking Barcamp. During last year’s event, coworking operators from all over Germany got together and joined in a number of discussions and lectures, and several months later, Wuppertal’s first coworking space - Utopiastadt - was born. It was a fantastic opportunity for German coworking space operators to get to know one another, too.

The organizer of the Jellyweek Summercamp in France (September 2-9) & Worldwide Jellyweek - Anni Roolf - is organizing a second barcamp. This year it will take place on the September 14&15 in Duisburg, and will be supported by the local city council.

Financial support from the city of Duisburg is itself one of the Barcamp topics: What happens if new players from companies and public sector deal with coworking? And how does it affect urban development, the local economy and the organization of companies and public institutions?

The success of a Barcamp is determined by the number of contributors, including the topics that they bring to the table. Barcamp topics for the Duisburg event can be registered from now.

In addition, Barcamp organizers appreciate early registration in order to better prepare the event. Register here for free.

Coworking Barcamp, September 14/15, 2012, Duisburg


Coworking Weekend (France)

While the German coworking community meets up in Duisburg, there's also a lot going on for French speaking coworking enthusiast in Paris at the same time. "Three days to upgrade the french coworking community" is set as goal of the Coworking Weekend - by creating teams for common tools and projects.

The event is organised by coworking spaces from all over France. The first two days take place in La Cantine, the last one in Mutinerie on Sunday. The Coworking Weekend is free of charge. More than 50 people have already registered, you are invited to be the next one.

Coworking Weekend, September 14-16, 2012, Paris


Espresso Coworking (Italy)

On the 22nd and 23rd of September, in the lead up towards the European Coworking Conference in Paris in November, Italian coworking space operators and enthusiasts will group in Alessandria for the first Italian coworking conference.

Organised by Alessandria coworking space lab121, the conference will aim to give a voice to the national movement. The local council and a number of organizations have already offered their support.

For more information, visit the website or contact the organizers.

Espresso Coworking, September 22-23, 2012, Alessandria


Social Media Week - in 13 cities around the world

This September, in 13 cities around the world, hundreds of free, public and open presentations will be organized for Social Media Week. This year’s topic is about collaboration in all kinds. Each of the city programs consists of different tracks - like media and entertainment, education, and politics - for which workshops and presentations will be held to discuss the role and impact of social media on a range of industries.

A number of the cities host Social Media Week events in coworking hubs. It’s a great way for coworking spaces to meet new people and expand or diversify their community.

Moreover, there’s still a chance to get involved, with limited speaking spots still available in a number of cities. If you’d like to share your space, your knowledge and have the chance to meet some of the thousands of people who attend each year, submit an event.

Social Media week will take place from September 24-28 in the following cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Bogotá, Chicago, Glasgow, Hong Kong, Jeddah, London, São Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Torino and Vancouver.

For more information about individual city programs, dates and venues, visit the website.


Know of or hosting an event that involves more than one coworking space and their coworkers? Let us know.

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