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Jellyweek Summer Workcamp

Jellyweek Summer Workcamp will take place between the 2nd and 9th of September, in Fontiers-Cabardès, France

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Last January, thousands of participants took part in activities in all corners of the globe during Worldwide Jelly Week. Over seven days, hundreds of venues registered on the online platforms maintained by a core team of two people in Wuppertal, and Berlin Germany, and a handful of ambassadors dotted across each of continents, bar Antarctica. During the week, connections within spaces, across cities and between regions and countries were forged, springing from the open nature of the event and the hours of coordination that went into making it possible. Imagine the possibility of connection and creation during Worldwide Jellyweek 2013 if more people were involved.

From its humble beginnings as an informal meetup between friends in New York City in 2006, the Jelly has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, and its popularity will continue to develop. Next year, even more coworking spaces, exhibition venues and community groups are expected get involved, but the ability for organizers to make connections and coordinate an event of even greater proportions is tethered to the number of people responsible.

In order to help realize the potential of next year’s Jellyweek, founder Anni Roolf, along with active European ambassador Leslie Starr, are calling out for others to be involved in a project management team that will shape a vision for the event, and who will come together in a Jellyweek Summer Workcamp, to take place in the South of France from the 2nd to the 9th of September.

Individuals from all professional and cultural backgrounds, who are committed to working towards a common vision for next year’s Jellyweek, are invited to attend.

A bigger and more international team will allow Worldwide Jellyweek to be more far-reaching and diverse, thereby increasing the potential for global collaboration between all entities, the core value of the event.

Anni, who is the creator of Jellyweek and the founder of the official online platform, sees endless potential in initiating a Jelly Workcamp, though is unsure (and indeed does not want to know) how the workcamp will manifest itself.

‘I want people to come together in an open innovation process,’ Anni said. ‘My philosophy is about diversity.’

Which is a good thing, since the philosophy behind Jellyweek itself is to be all-inclusive, non-discriminatory, and based on exchange and cross-disciplinary dialogue. The connections that are forged within this framework, and what innovative projects are developed along the way, are open and limitless. The Jellyweek Summer Workcamp will reflect this ethos.

‘There is a potential for an avalanche of events (for Worldwide Jellyweek 2013), but we’re limited to what we can do with a core team of only two people. There is already a limit to what I can do.’

A larger management team will ensure that the event's potential is realized by cocreating a vision for Jellyweek 2013. Projects will be brainstormed in teams, and a timeline until the event's commencement on January 14th will be formed. The group will also have the opportunity to bond, with a nature walk and activities planned for the first day, and a trip to Carcassonne, and a closing party, for the last.

'The workcamp will be a chance to play and work, in a holiday environment,' said Anni.

Furthermore, during the week, the group will be encouraged to engage in what Anni and Willi Schroll (2012 organizer) are dubbing ‘cross staging’, whereby organizers' own projects and networks will be introduced, allowing mutually beneficial partnerships to be made.

‘Synergies will be created,’ explained Anni, ‘which will be mutually beneficial for individuals and the groups that they belong to. The summer camp will be a way to coordinate actions and networks so that we can achieve concrete outcomes from social capital.’

So far, representatives from Germany, France, Sweeden and Brazil will attend, and a number of individuals from Japan, Ivory Coast, the US and New Zealand - to name a few countries - have expressed their interest.

The booking deadline for the Summer Workcamp is 11th July.

The 7-day workcamp costs 205.75€ for accommodation in a beautiful villa in Frontiers-Cabardès in the South of France, near the Pyrenees. An additional 190€ will cover dinner each night. The villa sleeps 18, though more room can be made if necessary and upon request.

Bookings can made using paypal via eventbrite. A map showing the location of the villa, and the locations of confirmed guests, can be found here.

Worldwide Jellyweek 2013 will run from the 14th to the 20th of January, during which hundreds of diverse activities will take place in venues around the globe. The event is an excellent opportunity for coworking spaces to extend and strengthen their communities, their international networks, and to equally promote the movement itself. The Workcamp will ensure the event reaches its potential. To spread the word, use the #JWSW12 hashtag and share the event on facebook. Keep up to date with all Jelly-related happenings on their facebook page.

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