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Holidays are Coming: Coworking Style

BizDojo in New Zealand: End of the year theme party: "Mo's, margaritas and maracas"

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Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, or whatever it is that you choose to celebrate, is a wonderful time of the year. You can spend quality time with your family and loved ones, take some time off of work, and kick back and relax. But what do coworking spaces do when most of their members stay home and stuff their faces with cookies and turkey? Deskmag asked coworking spaces around the globe what they were planning for the holidays. Since coworking presents a different working style entirely, this philosophy carries over into their “office” parties as well.

Deskmag asked a few coworking spaces around the world what their plans for the holidays were. We found that many of them leave their offices open, with the exception of Christmas day and New Years day. Of course, there will be time for some holiday parties as well.

Party in the USA

The Indy Hall coworking space in Philadelphia is host to a diverse network of coworkers, everything from designers, artists, game developers, educators, and writers.

This year Indy Hall will be hosting an end of the year town hall meeting “to recap our goals and accomplishments as a community and set goals for the new year” said Alex Hillman of Indy Hall. Afterwards the coworkers along with their friends and family will celebrate at the town hall with a potluck holiday party.

In terms of office hours, "we generally close for Christmas eve and day, then new years eve and day", said Alex. If you are looking to get more work done over the holidays, Indy Hall is the place to do it. 

Much like Indy Hall, Parisoma in San Francisco defines itself as a place where ideas meet execution and execution does not stop during the holidays. All members have 24/7 access, so even when things slow down at the end of the year they still have the possibility to work on their projects. However the space will remain closed to guests and visitors on Christmas Eve and day as well as New Year's day. “It is a bit quieter around the space during this time of year, of course", said Amber Wolf of Parisoma. But that is no reason for closing down.

Yet that doesn't mean Parisoma doesn't want to have a little fun as well. They are organizing a holiday party community style. A potluck lunch is planned for next week for those that have stayed behind. It’s Christmas after all, so they sit down, share a meal and enjoy some quality time together. Additionally, they are also reaching out to the less fortunate by hosting a food drive, to make sure that nobody goes without a meal this holiday season.

Over on the East Coast, SoTechie Spaces in New York City is also celebrating the holidays. SoTechie is a Coworking Space for entrepreneurs; Start-ups & telecommuters located in the heart of the city that never sleeps…and apparently neither do they! They will remain open the weekend of Christmas, but close for the 24thand 25th, and then open again the weekend before New Year’s and close for the 31st and 1st. But aside from these few days, they will follow their regular business hours for the rest of the time, director Nancy Gonzalez told Deskmag. The SoTechies will be hosting a holiday party on December 19th, and they will also be giving the gift of coworking by offering reduced memberships during the holiday season and free Coworking on Fridays for guests and visitors. 

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