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First Global Coworking Survey launched

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The Global Coworking Survey Newsletter
Until now, there have only been a handful of studies into the new collaborative workstyle known as coworking. Those that have taken place have focused on single countries or regions, or have been directed to coworking space managers instead of the members. A new initiative of organizations from Europe, North and South America and Asia aims to change this. In collaboration with Deskmag and a university, the participating groups have launched the first global coworking survey. Coworkers from any country can take part.

The survey focuses primarily on the coworker themselves, their interests, their work situations, and the changes that have occurred to them as a result of coworking. The questionnaire is available immediately at You can choose between seven languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German or Japanese. All responses to the survey are anonymous.

An exploration of coworkers and their requirements, and the knowledge of the movement's potential, can be helpful on many levels. Understanding the motivations of coworkers can help the leaders of coworking spaces to better organize their locations, offer more appropriate facilities and improve the conditions. National and international coworking networks can draw from this knowledge to spread ideas about how to push the movement forward. The more participants, the better understanding we can gain and the more meaningful the results will be.

A summary of the findings will be published by the supporting organizations, and will also be found here on Deskmag. Coworkers will receive a direct insight into the results of the survey. We will supply the anonymous results to any interested party.

Alongside the Technical University of Berlin and Deskmag, the following organizations are participating in the survey:

- The Global Coworking Group
- Coworking Labs, Coworking Research USA
- Enterprise Globale, Coworking Europe 2010 Konferenz
-, the first German Coworking Network
- Cowo, Coworking Network Italy
- Movebla, Brazilian Coworking Magazine
- Working Space, Coworking Spain
- Silicon Sentier, La Cantine Paris
- Coworking JP, Coworking Blog Japan
- Moboff, Japanese Coworking Network
- Deskwanted, Global Coworking Space Directory
- Coworking Sweden, Coworking Blog


Update: We needed to change the japanese version of the coworking survey to


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