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Eight reasons why it's worth joining a coworking space

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You May Find Your Partner in Crime

Once you’re in the freelancing business for a while, partnering up with another professional could help you tremendously. It could be an assistant, another designer, developer or even a marketing expert.

Coworking is accessible to people from all walks of life, including individuals from more traditional job sectors, such as lawyers and accountants, are not renting coworking spaces. Your go-to person could teach you new skills and provide good advice when needed.

Productivity Is Worthy the Extra Cost

A coworking space is an extra cost, however, if you become more productive you will very likely have a lot more money in the bank to invest in your career.

When you sum up all the time you have procrastinated while working from home. The time you watch TV, run personal errands or sleep in. How many hours it represents each month? What is your hourly rate? Coworking could give you the discipline to earn those hours back to earn more money.

It's Not Written in Stone

If you’re not sure if a coworking space is for you, most places have a day pass or even a discounted trial period. This system was implemented for individuals who are new to the coworking movement, allowing them to do a little trial and error before they make a final decision. However, coworking spaces also offer flexible plans which can be cancelled by the end of the current or the following month. 

If you like the atmosphere, you could pay the whole month or schedule specific dates. This is a good idea if you plan to have a meeting and use the conference room. 

It's Not for Everyone

Coworking spaces have advantages and disadvantages, just like everything. It depends on your personality and working needs.

Of course there are productive freelancers, who prefer an isolated environment and don’t feel that they need the extra motivation and collaboration you get from a coworking space. Yet, many of those people who have successfully worked from home, have also been able to increase their professional value and network by becoming a member of a coworking space.  

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