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Coworking Programs Like the Visa, but Not Quite

The Coworking Visa is prized for its flexibility, allowing coworkers to move between coworking spaces around the world with ease. Based on geniality and mutual understanding between spaces, the visa seems like a wonderful way to maximize the mobility that many coworkers treasure. However, can this flexibility and mobility be stretched too far and suddenly a blessing becomes a curse? CoPass and LEXC are two organized coworking programs that build upon the Coworking Visa - and also let you decide for yourself.

  • Quick Guide To Coworking Space Management Software

    Running a coworking space is a business, with overhead to track, revenue to collect, and lots of data to gather, analyze and synthesize. Both personalities of a space affect the other, limiting or revealing possibilities in different ways. For a while some coworking spaces can make it all happen with a lot of sticky notes or a spreadsheet, but at some point those systems fail and it’s time to look for something better. You might find it surprising, but there are software systems out their built specifically for the coworking movement.

  • The New Desk Design

    While coworking is a philosophy to some and a lifestyle to others, it can also be understood as a design. Something must be said for contemporary coworking aesthetic, and new desk design is more than just your typical slab of IKEA wood plunked down on four legs. The best desk design accommodates coworking, as the right work setup is key.

  • Risk Management for Risk Takers

    Risk is part of everyday business life. Taking a risk can often be rewarding, but does that mean that you have to take decisions without assessing the consequence you could later be facing alone? Deskmag presents to you some tips taken from project management methodologies, which could allow you to quickly perform your own risk analysis and be ultimately successful.

  • Designer accessories for coworking spaces

    Nope, you don’t need to get everything from IKEA. Great workspace design is key in coworking, from hubs to clubs and community. Designer accessories which are clever – yet practical – are also important. From New York to Berlin, Barcelona and Copenhagen, here are 10 products which might come in handy in your office or work lounge.

  • Storytelling for freelancers

    Once upon a time there was a cool cat who was making a living as a freelance web designer. He lived in one of those big cities where it seemed like every third person was trying to do the same exact thing. Okay, okay, that doesn’t sound like a very good start to a story - but read more here to learn about storytelling, improving your skills, and why it’s important.

  • Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Coworking Business!

    Some of the biggest questions on every coworking space owner’s mind are, how to get the word out, sign up new members and how to grow both their community and business. More important, for bootstrapped coworking spaces without a marketing budget, is how to do it for little or no cash – a challenge any startups face. We found several marketing strategies that have proved proven to be both successful and budget friendly.

  • Three things freelancers can learn from visual artist Wayne White

    We often feel pressure to stick with one thing, do it well, and not take too many risks. Yet, that mentality is quickly dissolving, and the former constraints once heavily placed on the idea of success are now becoming lifted. In fact, we see examples of risk takers in every in every shape and form, and we’ve found one great example in the creative life of visual artist Wayne White who also worked as puppeteer, cartoonist, animator, illustrator, sculptor and art director. We see the ultimate career freedom. His positive outlook on work and his common sense advice does hold some practical insights for today’s freelancers.

  • How to get the most out of your coworking membership

    A coworking membership is one of the best investments you can make in your freelance career. On top of a professional working space, you get a full social calendar, a lot of networking opportunities, and the chance to swap ideas with likeminded people. But none of these benefits come without trying. Real coworking – not just sharing an office – takes a bit of effort. So how do you join the community and make the most out of your membership? Deskmag got some tips, from a variety of people who run coworking spaces, that can help you take full advantage of your coworking membership.

  • Crowdfund your coworking space!

    Good news! Your coworking space has started to become profitable and the community is growing. Perhaps it is time to invest in new projects. The task is daunting, unless you have already considered looking for outside funding for your project. Deskmag offers an overview of successful crowdfunding campaigns that helped these coworking spaces become a reality.

  • Pecha Kucha: the art of pitching with a punch

    Entrepreneurs are always in the position of having to convince people that their idea is unique and ultimately worth an investment. It can happen during a lunch, a networking event, in an elevator, or during casual conversation. It is often hard to explain to non-experts how beneficial your idea could be to the world, and it is even harder to pitch without rambling on and quickly loosing the attention of your audience. Originating in Japan, Pecha Cucha is the art of presenting your big idea and making an impact in a small amount of time.

  • How to get your community rolling

    When you talk about coworking you have to include community as well. It is one of the first things that come up when explaining coworking to your clueless friends. Yet, community doesn’t just happen because you sit people down in an open space and let them work next to each other every day. It takes some work to get your community rolling, but in the end it will pay off. Freelancers initially join coworking spaces for the comparatively low cost, but they stay for the community and the network.

  • 5 tools offered in coworking spaces that can make your life easier

    It can sometimes feel like work takes over your life, especially when you are faced with daunting deadlines and projects that need constant attention. The little free time that you have can easily get spent on taking care of the daily tasks that were swallowed up by the work week. Coworking spaces are acutely aware of the fact that work can be overwhelming, which is why many offer services that make the daily routine more pleasurable and productive.

  • How to start a business: The lean-mean-cost-reducing-startup-machine

    Hey you startup people out there: have you ever written a business plan? You don't need to write many lines about hypothetical financial requirements as long as you haven't started your company. Instead, invest your time in getting more information about your potential customer first, form a vision, and try to reduce your financial investments in the beginning. In other words, become a lean start-up.

  • How to strike a balance between activity and productivity

    It seems that there has always been difficulty in finding the right balance between productivity and physical activity for office workers. In many ways, the amount of exercise office workers get it is out of their control, since they are often confined to a cubicle or office chair.

  • Don’t get lost in the crowd: A guide to crowdsourcing portals

    Have an idea for a project, but need help from professionals? Of course you don’t want to just put your idea out on just any internet portal, because that would just lead to more distractions. Maybe it's time you consider crowdsourcing... Crowdsourcing usually entails that one idea/project is completed by a group of people who can bring their specialties to the table.

  • The Insider’s Guide for Freelancers

    Starting out as a freelance consultant can be a daunting task. Without a clear understanding of your customer or how to manage projects and expectations, and without a solid support structure in place, you’ll find the road is a rocky one. With the help of experienced freelance consultants that have jumped through the hoops for you, we’ve put together the Insider’s Guide To Freelance Consulting and outlined the framework you’ll need to successfully launch your business – you’re not in this alone!

  • Energy Boosting Techniques in Coworking Spaces

    The best thing about coworking is, it marries community spirit with personal independence. You could do your own thing, and yet, still garner the positive energies of others in the same space to enhance your well being. This not only heightens your productivity in the space, but also helps in boosting your energy level when it is dwindling on a day that somewhat refuses to soar.

  • Five freelance tools for more relaxed & productive work in the new year

    Accounting, Office Management, Corporate Communications - as a freelancer or part of a small business, you typically have to compartmentalize many departments into one, sometimes at the same time and on the same day. On top of all that, there is of course, the actual work that you have to do in order to make money. That's why we here at Deskmag offer tools, which self-employed workers and small businesses can use, as a way to save time and money. Here are the next five.

  • Okay,you're a freelancer, now what?

    It’s a big world of work out there, and while freelancing may seem like the ultimate way to escape the confines of an oppressive work environment, there is always the possibility to get lost… especially with more bills coming in at the end of the year. Now that freelancing is becoming increasingly popular, there are more and more platforms available for self-employed individuals to get the most out of their time and skills.

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